Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CRASH: Sestak Is Not Going Quietly Into That Bad Night

In one of my first posts on this blog, I observed two things, concluded from the behavior of the players in the Sestak drama; 1) Sestak's story of a bribe attempt was substantially true, and 2) there was evidence that supported his story.

Hence, you have Robert "Fibs" Gibbs dodging questions for months...but carefully avoiding a direct denial.  If Sestak was lying, the Obami would have no trouble saying so.  If Sestak could not prove his allegations...repeated several times now...the Obami would say he was lying, making it a "he-said-we-say" proposition that would never be determined objectively.

The Obami apparently hoped this story would simply die, perhaps with the complicit press playing the same "silencer" role they played in the nomination and election process.  It does not appear to be going away.

Eric Holder is NOT going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate what is...if true...a flagrant violation of federal law; a felony, indeedI think he can, in fact, be counted on to turn himself and the DoJ inside out to shield the Administration.

This leaves two or three venues in which this story plays out; Congress (soon or after the mid-terms), the press (but the MSM only reluctantly), and the people (as in TEA Party types who keep the pressure on).


  1. Exactly how much is the press willing to take? Obama knows they want him to succeed, so he avoids them because they may ask the wrong question and put him on the spot. He figures they will stick with him as long as possible. The problem is that there may be a point where they HAVE to do their job. We're starting to see that with the Gulf oil spill. If that time arrives, look for a tidal wave of negativity over the "coincidences" that may just effectively end this administration.

  2. This is what may bring down the Obama administration as it did Nixon unless they agree to their transparancy motto.

  3. John;

    I think the bloom is coming off the Obamic rose.

    Nearly a year without a conventional press conference...from a guy who can't seem to live without a just getting too embarrassing...too obvious...for the MSM to continue to tolerate.

  4. SummerRain;

    The "Chicago Way" has certain profound disadvantages, like its reliance on breaking the law and expecting no consequence. The Obami are flagrant law-breakers, and it HAS to catch up with them at some point.

    I just hope and pray it is SOOOOON...

  5. SummerRain said...

    Agreed. I have a feeling this one could ring the bell. The whole thing reeks of Chicago Machine politics. As rags said, if there were nothing to hide Glib Gibbs et al would not be hiding it.

    On the other hand, if true, and it were an administration junior officer - they would out him and throw him under the bus. This has to be Dear Leader himself, or Rhambo or Axlerod. I do not see any scenario where this turns out well for Obama.

  6. rags...

    IMHO the venue where this plays out is the election. Sestak can not continue evading the issue, it will be coming at him like a harpoon - and Toomey is already playing it up.

    There is a rather compelling theory that Sestak is lying, and using this intentionally to distance him from Barry - for obvious reasons - Barry has been the kiss of death for every candidate he gets near. I don't buy it. Something went down or the whitehouse would just deny it. Like any dispute, if it boils down to he said / she said - without corroberation either way - case dismissed.

  7. rags...

    Question for you counselor. Krauthammer et al last night said this goes on all the time, which you would have to think is true. The White House may offer a position to any member of Congress, who all must run for re-election.

    How can it be determined that the offer was made with the specific intent of preventing said Congresscritter from running for office? Why can't Team Barry just say Sestak was qualified for the Secretary of XYZ, and offered him a job?

  8. Swede;

    As I suggested in my post, I think...based on experience with lies and liars...that this has to be a true allegation, and that Sestak can prove it. That is the ONLY explanation for what we have seen from the Obami.

    I didn't hear or read the Krauthammer comments, so I can only say that this involves a clear quid pro quo, which is simply illegal. It is NOT illegal to dangle a position, while leaving the consequence of accepting that position, or not, unspoken. For instance, our present Sec. Of Transportation, Republican idiot, didn't have to be told he would get his office in exchange for leaving his seat in Congress. It was, in fact, necessary for him to accept the appointment.

    The Sestak deal WAS PATENTLY illegal, as it appears to have involved a high-level appointment IF he would forgo seeking the Senate seat from PA.

  9. Well, one of them is lying and their political capital will take quite a hit. I don't really care which one, but Sestak's gonna have some 'splaining to do if he wants to win in November because Toomey's gonna ride this hard.

  10. I think it's pretty clear that Sestak is being truthful. When the story broke, I can't see he had a thing to gain by it at that time.