Thursday, May 20, 2010

BURN: The Real Reason For Senor Presidente Sock-Puppet's Visit

There is a reason Mexican Presidente Filipe Calderone is in Washington, D.C.  It isn't to eat Mexican food at a White House state dinner.  Obama needs some juice behind his push to get "comprehensive immigration reform" (amnesty) through Congress.  There is the purpose for Presidente Puppet's visit.

After admitting that his country does much worse than anything that Arizona's law could do, Calderone lectured a Joint Session of Congress on "America's core values".  One wonders if Obama did not lend Filipe a speech writer or two.

Of course, Calderone and Obama share common cause: passing a new amnesty law that will benefit the Deemocrat collective and the Mexican collective, while damaging America.

Just now, there isn't a chance in hell that Obama will get his comprehensive (meaning "totalitarian") immigration reforms though Congress.  Which means he can't hope for millions of new ostensibly Deemocrat voters.  He needs some momentum.

Calderone's speech whizzed all over America's leg in the name of racial fairness 
"I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona. It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree, but also introduced a terrible idea using racial profiling for law enforcement."
But Mexican law EXPRESSLY provides that race is a factor in whether or not it will allow people to immigrate to Mexico; "the equilibrium of the national demographics"Does anyone...anyone...believe that an overwhelming influx of African, Asian, or European immigrates would be tolerated by the Mexican government?

As to the BS that Mexico suffers from increased violence because of American gun control law, does ANYONE think that Mexican drug gangs can't get weapons from anywhere they want?  Is anyone STUPID enough to think that fully automatic weapons used by these thugs come from the U.S. via civilians?  Americans CANNOT legally purchase a fully automatic weapon (without a very expensive stamp and extensive check).

So, the purpose of this puppet's visit is MANIFESTLY to influence the American political process; he's here to flop the race card, and the gun control card on the Congressional table.  He's here to put a little momentum in the stalled Deemocrat push for amnesty.


  1. As I understand it, he's also begging for more dinero. Reality for him is that his economy is on the verge of collapse. GDP is off more than 10%, unemployment is epidemic, and poverty level (asset based) is 47%. (From CIA data) A cultural reality also is that overseas workers send money back home to their families.

    In the Philippines an unbelievable 40% of the GNP is overseas nationals sending money home. There is a huge burocracy designed to send the best and brightest Filipinos overseas. Mexico is no different.

    Re: the drug traffic, I've seen estimates as high as $75 billion / year coming from the US/Mex drug trade. That would be almost 10% of the GDP. How hard are they really trying to stop this?

  2. Suppose...for the sake of argument...that Mexican leader really do want to stop the cartels; at this point there is real question that they COULD.

    But you are, of course, correct; Mexico needs, wants, and fully expects to get money from people illegally in the U.S. They also avoid the pressure from people who would be their GREATLY EXPANDED middle-class, if the culture was more hospitable to them.