Sunday, May 2, 2010

BURN: Obama Is The Weakest President In Memory

Think about it; the man cannot meet an argument on its own terms.  He has to recast it in ridiculous extremes.  That is fundamentally dishonest and weak.

In a speech the other day, Mr. Obama brought with him his second favorite person in the world (he's obviously first, by a mile).

“But what troubles me is when I hear people say that all of government is inherently bad."  I can see why that would be troubling.  But he has never heard anyone say that.  I very much doubt he hears much of anything authentic from within his cloister, but it sure isn't that Americans are saying that ALL government is INHERENTLY bad.

I have been to several TEA Parties, and I am pretty well versed in what's being written in the right side of the blogosphere.  Nobody is making any such silly assertion that ALL government is INHERENTLY bad.

Now, the Founders did say some things that were not too far off that theme, but they were saying also that government...especially CENTRAL government...was a necessary evil in a well-structured civil society.  That's why they so carefully limited it.  It had some proper functions; they were few; beyond those few functions it could not go.

The argument being made by me and many others never approaches the stupid statement Obama puts in our mouths...or that of his second favorite person, the Straw order to marginalize us.  What we are saying, and what more Americans are seeing each day, is that CENTRAL government is exceeding its Constitutional bounds.  It is doing things it may not, legally, do.  It is costing us all too much in terms of money, freedom, and our future.  As it does more, it does what it should be doing less well.

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