Thursday, May 13, 2010

CRASH: Hawaii Runs In Opposite Direction From Arizona

Eschewing the "papers please" BS that you read about Arizona's new law in the MSM, Hawaii chooses the opposite extreme.

Hawaii, pestered by requests for "papers" regarding Barack Hussain Obama's nativity from Birther die-hards, passed a law to make refusing them easier.
The new law, Act 100, allows state agencies a limited exemption from Freedom of Information requirements when duplicative requests for information are made by the same person. Although the law covers all agencies, the measure targets people who repeatedly request a copy of Obama's Hawai'i birth certificate.
   The requests are being made to the state Department of Health, which keeps the birth certificates.
   In testimony before the Legislature in February, DOH Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said her department receives about 50 e-mail inquiries a month for Obama's birth certificate, primarily from the same four to six people.
   "The time and state resources it takes to respond to these often convoluted inquiries are considerable," she testified.
So, no papers for presidential candidates!  The rest of us peons need to keep ours ready at hand!

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