Saturday, May 1, 2010

CRASH: Unconsciousness Of A Liberal, Mayday Ed.

Ol' Reliable Paul Krugman thinks it's a big larf that Rush Limbaugh might (jokingly, which Krugman NEVER gets) suggest that the Gulf oil spill was caused by radical enviros intent on denting oil exploration/production.

Like there is no such thing as environmental terrorism (the most common form in the U.S.).

Like Obama did not dispatch SWAT teams to Gulf rigs this past week, sort of suggesting that there is chatter about terrorism out there (since, presumably, even Obama and Holder understand the limits of SWAT teams as wild well remediation experts).  Why isn't THAT a bigger story, BTW?

Attacking isolated drilling or...especially...production rigs seems like a plum idea for terrorists.  They aren't armed.  They are WAY off-shore, very often.  They are not easy to monitor, since the guys on them are very busy with what they do, and they are easily approached in the right circumstance.  And, by nature, there's a lot of kind of volatile stuff that could be useful, once you get it going.

So, Paul, maybe terrorism isn't really such a big yuk, after all...???

But, never daunted by things like reality or actual analysis, Krugman is too busy patting himself on the back for "shooting, scoring".

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