Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BURN: Awww, Poor Little Rich Mega McCain "Disillusioned"

Poor little rich girl Mega McAnus McCain is "disillusioned" for the first time in her SHORT life.  She thinks that's a bad thing.

Her Daddy's Mommy's rich, and her Mommy's good looking...but poor little Mega is still singing the blues.  Life is hard for the pampered little girl of a U.S. Senator!!!  She's scared, doncha know...

Apparently, Mega doesn't have the snap to realize that you have to Charles Krauthammer observed...ILLUSIONED before you can be disillusioned.

Being disillusioned is no bad thing.  It means you are dealing with reality.

What has Mega's panties in a bunch?  Those awful, horrid GOP voters in Utah, for one.

Just this weekend, for instance, longtime Utah Senator Bob Bennett dropped his re-election bid after delegates at his state convention decided he was not “pure enough” despite a solid conservative voting record.    This extremist shift is happening all over the country, and I can’t help think about the toll it is taking on the next generation of voters. For the first time in my life, I find myself disillusioned with the political process—something I always swore would never happen to me. And I am not ashamed to admit that this small feeling of disillusionment is scaring me. Because if this is how I feel from all of the rancor, I can only imagine how disconnected the rest of my generation must feel. If politicians aren’t inspiring people when they are young, what hope is there that they will care when they are older?
Golly, gee weelikers...!!!  Whatever will happen if young people are not "inspired" by their political leaders?!?!?

Hmmm...  Maybe they will be imbued with a healthy skepticism of power.  Maybe they will not be deluded when people pretend to want to "help them" by taking their money and freedom.  That would be a GOOD thing.  Maybe they will be inspired by their own capacity to work for their good, and that of others.


  1. So, Ms McCain, please remind us what you have accomplished and where you have been that would make us even remotely interested in your voluminous opinions. Like, ya know, like other than ya know like twitter n'stuff.

    Let's see, your dad abandoned his disabled wife to marry your then hot mom who also happened to be stinking rich and had all kinds of slick political connections - which got him into congress, then the Senate where he has been entrenched for 25 years 'till he ran for president and lost because ultimately he is a bowl of the same political mixed fruit jello you are mumbling about now...

    Got it. OK. Shut up please.

  2. P.S. Ms McCain

    Notwithstanding what has been said above, please feel free to post pictures of your hooters on the web at any time. Just don't speak.

    Thank you

  3. As to your first post...

    Harsh. But true.

    As to your second...

    Does Ms. McCain keep owls...???

  4. Quite the silly scandal a year or two ago.

    BTW, any way to post a link here?

  5. What did you have in mind, Swede?

  6. Oh, and, yes... I knew you were not referring to nocturnal birds or prey...

    Still, pretty funny, no?

  7. "Still, pretty funny, no?"

    A hoot!

    Need to keep the blog updated rags. It'll kill the traffic if you have the same posts 2 or 3 days.

  8. Well, I do have a living to make, but I'm doing my damnedest...!!!

  9. I always thought we were supposed to find politicians that reflected our values, but apparently Meghan thinks they're supposed to define them.

    I'll think for myself, thanks anyway, Meg.

  10. Maybe Mega will grow up.

    Heaven knows I was a fool in my youth. If memory serves...

  11. "Maybe Mega will grow up."

    Possibly. But until she does, perhaps she ought to get out and actually do something while she still knows everything.