Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CRASH: Irrelevent Crazy Ugly People Blind Innocent W. Houstonians

In a brazen, unprovoked attack on unsuspecting law-abiding Houstonians, Code Puke hags descended on the headquarters of BP.  Thousands reportedly suffered permanent damage to optical nerves.  Others, driven to madness by the sight and sound of the crones, were seen stabbing themselves in the eyes and ears.

Immediately following their carnage, the Code Puke carlins mounted their brooms  bicycles  BMWs and Mercedes, and fled the scene of their horrors.


  1. I for one am delighted to have these folks showing up frequently in support of Democrat causes. You go girls!

  2. I just apply the cold war Civil Defense rules drilled into our heads when we were kids. In case of Code Pink attack - First, don't look at it! Second, duck and cover!

  3. LOL...sound advice. Heavily smoked glass is NOT enough...