Friday, May 14, 2010

CRASH: Free Advice From TPM--Trumpet TARP GOP Guys

According to Talking Punts Mau-mau (TPM) all GOP candidates need do to cinch electoral victory is trumpet the wild success of TARP, which they assert was...well...a wild success.  Hey, what could go wrong?
Perhaps the most fascinating political conundrum of the 2010 election is one faced by GOP senators, almost all of whom voted for TARP and supported some of the other bailouts in the thick of the financial crisis. The good news is that, for all their shortcomings, the bailouts did the trick, preventing a deeper economic crisis. The bad news is those bailouts are now considered political poison by the tea partying conservative base.
    That puts Republicans in a strange position: unable to say the legislation failed, but at pains to distance themselves from their vote nonetheless. Over the past couple days, I've asked a number of GOP senators whether, nearly two years later, they think the bailout bill was effective. Their answers were revealing.
The jest of the TPM BS is that GOP incumbents just need to sell their voters on the idea that by voting for TARP and other slush funds sponsored by the collective, they really, truly saved America. 

Beware of free advice from people who have a vested interest in destroying you.

Americans are not stupid.  Not all the time.  And conservative Americans are not stupid or ignorant.  If my senators come to me and try to tell me the slush funds worked, when I know empirically that we are a LONGGGGGG way from out of the woods, and that TARP is being abused EVERY STINKING DAY, TOTALLY OUTSIDE THE LAW, and that the Obami and Deemocrats have been spending, are spending, and will continue to spend that money as a means to their ends...  Well, it won't be pretty.  And it SURE won't translate into electoral victory.

TPM is, naturally, playing rope-a-dope with its advice.  TARP can't have "succeeded".  Not any more than Porkulus has created millions of jobs.  That is simply a lie.  GOP candidates BETTER not buy into it.


  1. Aww, it's easy.

    Why did you vote for TARP Senator Twister?

    Well, I was against it before I was for it before I was against it. I think.

    Anyway, my position now is, YOU like it?

  2. Please, please, please, Sen. Twister...

    TRY that on us NOW...

    Instant political death syndrome.

  3. That's affirmative. Senator McJuan = Senator Twister on open borders. "Oh, you want a secure border? Like I said, build the damn fence!" Say goodnight Juan. Time to sleep.

  4. Now, THAT may be a horse of a different color.

    Not by me, of course; McAnus would have been toast LOOONNNNGGGG ago if it was up to me, and I don't see how he's managing to hang on now.

    But hanging on he seems to be...