Monday, May 3, 2010

BURN: Incompetent HLS Chief Terms Lethal Bomb "Amateurish"

Amateurish Grossly incompetent Nappy Jan Napolitano called the latest terrorism attempt to hit Times Square "amateurish".  People who know what they're talking about said the bomb was lethal. When will people call for her ouster? 
"This wasn't make-believe. This wasn't a false alarm. This was the real deal — to hurt people," said Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano, adding that the force of a bomb could have taken down the front of a building
But, meanwhile...
Janet Napolitano, the US Secretary of Homeland Security, said today that the unexploded car bomb found in Times Square in New York late yesterday appeared to be an "amateurish" terrorism attempt.  (h/t MMalkin)
Nappy Jan also assured us this was a "one-off attempt" at terrorist destruction.  Like that's supposed to make us feel better.  The Fort Hood massacre was a "one-off attempt", too.  Those seem to be getting kind of common, like the Christmas attempt to "amateurishly" blow the wing off a jet liner over a major American city.

But good ol' "The System Worked" Napolitano just isn't really concerned.  She has TEA Party blue-hairs in her sights.  Oh, and states to put in their place.  And our southern border to keep more secure than ever...

The police and firemen in NYC have real guts.  Alert street vendors did a brave and good thing.  But the fact is, when that bomb was detected, it had already initiated.  Everybody near it should be dead or terribly injured.  The system didn't work...again.

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