Sunday, May 9, 2010

BURN: NYT Neutered Conservative Outraged At Utah Democracy

David Brooks, neutered COIN (conservative only in name) for the New York Times, is simply outraged at Utah's democratic process.

(h/t Newsbusters) Utah GOP voters had the temerity to DE-select Sen. Bob Bennett as a candidate for re-election.  This very democratic outcome of a democratic process is simply...not just an outrage...a DAMNED outrage to Brooks.

Bennett was the very model of a modern Brooksian conservative...meaning he was a squish who voted for such things as TARP...who supported Deemocrats.  This made Brooks-speak..."courageous".  In Utah, it made him unelectable.

The Utah TEA Party movement is credited (or damned, if you're Brooks) with a hand in Bennett's defeat, the first incumbent Republican to go down in 2010.  He won't be the last...

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