Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CRASH: Deep Kim Chee, Deeper Iranian Doo & Systemic FAIL

With every passing day, Obama and the Obami bring us closer to a devastating catastrophe.  They seem determined to expose this nation to a choice between nuclear war and capitulation.

Richard Fernandez, who is one of the most interesting and over-looked thinkers in the blogosphere (IMNHO) provides us his insights into the NORK act of war in the recent sinking torpedoing of a South Korean navel vessel

One of my new favorite blogs is Questions & Observations, also the locus of uncommonly intelligent postage.  Today, they are pointing to the failure of Obama and Obami to prevent the two SUCCESSFUL bombing attempts we've had since Christmas, and the systemic fail to provide national security.

Christopher Hitchens is not fooled by the unicorn and rainbows foreign policy Obami are practicing with Iran.  We are GOING to be facing a nuclear Iran shortly, and Obama will not do anything effective to keep that from happening, by all appearances.

Taken together, these Obamic failures to deal in the real...VERY will be the causes of a catastrophic effect on American interests and our security, and the death of hosts of people.


  1. "We are GOING to be facing a nuclear Iran shortly, and Obama will not do anything effective to keep that from happening, by all appearances."

    Relax, dude. Hillary H Bomb has the Smart Power thing happening. First she gave our Cold War M.A.D. nemesis a BIG RED BUTTON??!!? Supposed to say "Reset" in Russian, but actually says "Overcharged" which likely had Freud smiling from beyond as that nicely described Hillary as SOS.

    A short while ago she got kick ass tough with Iran. If they don't stop the enrichment, we're gonna assign a bipartisan task force to research the feasibility of asking some other countries if they would consider backing us applying diplomatic sanctions WITH TEETH! Unless of course they would prefer to trade weapons to Iran for some oil, in which case Achmadinnerjab may expect a harshly worded repremand from the US State Department.

    And we're going to dismantle our nuclear arsenal to show Iran and al qaida how nice we are - so they'll unclench their fists and come to a beer summit at Barry's place.

    Sorry to joke about this stuff, but if I don't I think I'm gonnna lose it. God help us.

  2. I'm right there with you, Swede. I try to avoid going into cities, as I know that insurance actuaries have numbers showing that a very big, bad event is probable in the next few years.

  3. Speaking of Kim Chee, have you ever had the real deal in Korea? That stuff could be classified as a WMD. Perhaps could be used to replace the nukes. just a thought.

  4. Never been. I've had some here, but it may be heavily Westernized.