Monday, May 17, 2010

BURN: FYI, Chinese Immigration Law...SWEET

Outrageously STUPID Obami have apologized...on our the ChiComs for Arizona's law...which is NOT IN EFFECT as yet.  Read up on the Chinese law...

[Article 13] Foreigners residing in China must hold an identity card or residence permit issued by the competent authorities of the Chinese Government.
The period of validity of the identity card or residence permit shall be fixed according to the particulars of entry.
Foreigners residing in China shall, within the prescribed time, submit the documents to the local public security authorities for examination. 

So, you don't just NEED papers you "MUST HOLD", but you have to carefully "SUBMIT THE DOCUMENTS" to the local commissar. 

[Article 16] Foreigners who fail to observe the laws of China may have their period of residence shortened or their resident status revoked by the competent authorities of the Chinese Government.
[Article 17] Foreigners lodging temporarily in China shall go through the formalities of registering their temporary lodging in accordance with the regulations.
[Article 18] Foreigners holding residents' permits who change their place of residence in China shall register their move in accordance with the regulations.
[Article 19] Foreigners without residence permits and those studying in China may not be employed in China without the permission of the competent authorities of the Chinese Government. 

[Article 20] Foreigners with valid visas or residence permits may travel to those areas stipulated by the Chinese Government as being open to foreigners.
[Article 21] Foreigners who wish to travel to areas that are not open to foreigners are required to apply to the local public security authorities for travel permits. 

Question: who do you think the average illegal alien would RATHER face, an Arizona peace officer, or a Red Chinese security agent?  Who would you rather face?

Hence, we have an anti-American puke apologizing for our law to people who are ORDERS of magnitude more draconian...and more serious...with respect to who they let in their country, the documentation they have to carry AND provide without even being asked, where they can live, and where they can travel.  I feel safer every passing day.


  1. Having lived in five countries and traveled to all 57 continents, I believe the US has the most relaxed immigration system in the world.

    While the hypocricy is duely noted, China's visa and immigration policies are simply common sense border control that we don't use.

  2. Swede,

    Follow the link I include in the post, talking about Chinese Border Guards. It was very informative.

    I think you may be right, but Argentina has what seems a very liberal policy...especially toward European immigrants.

    I also understand that Chinese carry a domestic passport, though I have no definitive knowledge of that.

  3. Rags

    The protagonist in the link was, well, a dope. Cops and low level officials in most Asian countries make maybe $50/mo and have no real status in the culture. But at their little desk they are the grand high and royal super supreme potentate for life. Note how this guy who could let them by with a simple rubber stamp on their visa responds: "The People's Republic of China will not allow you entry". He is not a lowly border agent, he is China! I would bet he could have gotten past the first time by just playing the game. You bow to their supreme authority and superior intellect and basically beg for them to have mercy on you and help you find another way to solve the problem. He was technically correct in standing his ground, but I've found confronting or arguing with public officials overseas is a really bad idea, and gets you nowhere.

    Quite possibly, the agent was fishing for a bribe. It is common and necessary in many countries, but obviously dangerous and should never be attempted without knowing the turf, and correct bribing etiquette - which is published in cultural books about living in the country.

  4. I concur, but think the broader point was made...which was that Chinese immigration law and bureaucracy are both nightmarishly HARDER to deal with than one would find if coming to America.

    BTW, thank you for your postage, and for the good advice to other readers.