Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CRASH: We Can Fix Illiteracy; You Can't Fix Stupid

The amazingly long...and growing...list of major Obami who have roundly criticized the new Arizona law, but never read it, shows a distinct Obami trait; voluntary stupidity.

In this, they amply represent the Collective.  It has to volunteer to be stupid...or delusional.  Reality cannot be dealt with, so it must be denied.


  1. "Reality cannot be dealt with, so it must be denied."

    A "voluntary suspension of disbelief" would might work as well. BTW where is Hillary these days. Eerie silence...

  2. It may be she's putting some distance between herself and THE ONE.

    Not that that will help. All this crap will stick to her, too.

    If...when...another SUCCESSFUL bomber is equipped with better ordinance, all these pukes are going to be facing some really hard music.

  3. Hillary made an idoit of herself trying to pimp her extensive "diplomatic experience" when sha had none. Now she's SOS, and I defy anyone to name something she has accomplished in 18 months. Let's see. Giving a RED BUTTON ??? to the Soviets that says "overcharged" instead of "Reset".

    And, if Iran does not agree to discuss the possibility of considering curtailing their nuclear enrichment, the US will almost certainly discuss a time frame for administering sanctions with teeth!

    I am sadly and fearfully in agreement Rags. People are going to die because of these incompetent idiots. God help us.

  4. I saw some video of her last night...she is looking rough. I mean, dragged through a knot-hole backwards rough.

    And, yes, Swede, a hard day is coming, and prayer is in order.

  5. The big question is where the Iranians will choose to act. Is Hitchens correct and they'll take UAE or Bahrain or will they think bigger?

  6. I figure the area will go nuclear, with the Saudis in the lead (they can buy anything), and other states not far behind.