Saturday, May 29, 2010

CRASH: Sestak And The ObaBubba Third Way

If the Obami can try to manipulate the coverage of the Sestak scandal by their late-Friday-before-a-holiday puking of information, then I think it is the sacred duty of the blogosphere to keep the pot stirred over the Memorial Day weekend.

We are now dealing with the ObaBubba--an unholy creature composed of two of the most pathological personalities ever to occupy the White House. 

They have concocted a THIRD WAY story around the Sestak affair that is literally incredible.  All this seems like deja vu all over again.

Here is what we now know:
  1. Somebody offered Sestak somethingThis is admitted.
  2. The offer was a clear quid pro quo; IF you do this, THEN we will give you this.  This is admitted.
  3. Sestak is a Congressman with senatorial aspirations.
  4. Sestak refused the offer, choosing to continue his senate campaign.
  5. Sestak made the covert offer public.
  6. At points in time, the Obami DENIED the allegation.
  7. At points in time, Sestak reaffirmed the allegation.
  8. For months, the Obami stonewalled the story, paying a political price in the process.
  9. Administration lawyers have reviewed the matter; nothing to see here, move on.
  10. Yet, in certain circumstances, the Obami admit their actions could be highly ILLEGAL.
  11. Bill Clinton, who could have come forward months ago to dispel the controversy, NOW is a player.
  12. Sestak is now making statements that cannot be squared with his previous recorded remarks.
  13. Eric Holder has been asked, and refused, to appoint a special prosecutor.
This is actually good.  As any good trial lawyer knows, you learn a great deal from any exposition of your opponent's case...even if you know they are lying.  For one thing, to use a combat metaphor, you can sometimes spot planes by seeing where the stars are not.  For another, you can spot what your opponent feels most guilty what they defend the hardest.

Here is why anyone with a brain has to be suspicious...or beyond...about this story:
  1. SOMEBODY made this offer.  It seems totally beyond credibility that the Obami would choose...and he would accept...Bill Clinton as their water-boy.
  2. Bubba Clinton any point in time...put the kibosh on this controversy.  Who could stop him?
  3. This week is the first iteration of Bubba's name in this story (near as I can tell).
  4. Any competent lawyer could evaluate the told...and the applicable law in a day.  A week at most, and that would allow time to interview everyone involved.
  5. There was no need for the Administration to DENY the story as told.
  6. There was no need to pay the political price of a months-long stonewall.
  7. SOMETHING was offered.
  8. The story, as told, has that offer being an unpaid position on a presidential advisory board.
  9. But that board's website shows Sestak could not be eligible for it as a sitting Congressman.
  10. Sestak has consistently referred to an offer of a "JOB IN THE ADMINISTRATION".
  11. ObaBubba's story suggests that Obami believed Sestak could be dissuaded from his senatorial ambitions by being offered an unpaid position on an obscure advisory board that he cannot accept.
  12. Sestak is already a member of the House Armed Services Committee; he has actual stroke.
  13. Sestak has consistently used the term JOB; when asked if the JOB was a high ranking JOB, he said YES.
  14. As I've noted before, the conduct of the Obami suggested (pretty conclusively) that Sestak's ORIGINAL story was true, and he could prove it.  That is CONFIRMED by the concoction of a (to me) facially false THIRD WAY, where the Obami ADMIT the offer, but make it as innocuous as possible.
  15. The sponsor of the ObaBubba third way story is a known perjurer, but a highly talented political maven.
  16. Sestak certainly appears to have been suborned into the third way account, and is struggling to discount his own on-record statements.

So, this is my little contribution to the stirring of the pot this holiday weekend...from The Blog That Nobody ReadsTMHappy Memorial Day...!!!


    1. "The Blog That Nobody ReadsTM"

      What the f%& am I, chopped wagu?

      * There was no need for the Administration to DENY the story as told.
      * There was no need to pay the political price of a months-long stonewall.

      This is what originally rang my BS bell. If you have nothing to hide, you don't hide it - especially if doing so severely damages your credibility. Hoping this would just go away would be kind of like sitting on the beach hoping the hurricane won't hit.

      You kinda left out that when the White House has to answer a simple question via the Shark Squad (lawyers), it means there is some serious sh&t in the sink.

      This started at about 6 on the entertainment scale - jumped to 7 yesterday - and then up to 8 with the revelation that the Brainy Boys supposedly offered a position Sestak was not qualified for. I would almost go to 9 today, but I have a feeling there is much more super-silliness to come, and need to leave some room.

      Looking for a photoshop of Barry with raw crude on a white sand beach behind him. Perfect metaphor for Hope-n-change.

    2. "Looking for a photoshop of Barry with raw crude on a white sand beach behind him. Perfect metaphor for Hope-n-change."

      If you find it, let me know, please.

      I think Sestak could be Obama's blue dress...

    3. "The Blog That Nobody ReadsTM"

      No, Swede. You are a valued reader, and I think a likely friend.

      I appropriated that saying from an adversary. I thought it kinda like the Sinefeld "The program about nothing" deal. I'm prone to self-deprecation...

    4. OBABUBBAGATE!!!! - Has a nice ring.

      Say it 5 times real fast.