Thursday, May 20, 2010

CRASH: Cops Die As Deemocrats Cheer Sock Puppet

UPDATE: Cop killers identified?  Some suggestion of white supremacist connection?

At virtually the same time, two West Memphis, Arkansas policemen were being gunned down and Deemocrat legislatures were giving big love to El Presidente Calderon, Obamic sock puppet.

Two people, driving a Dodge Caravan with Ohio plates, were stopped on one of the prime arteries for drug smugglers moving loads into the Mid-west and east.  The two officers who stopped them were, undoubtedly, using sophisticated profiles for drug smugglers, and were tasked expressly with drug interdiction.  One was the son of the W. Memphis police chief.  They were both killed by fire reportedly from AK-47s.

Not long thereafter, while traffic was deadlocked on I-40 by police road-blocks, the killers were cornered by a strong force of police and Sheriff's officers.  There, the 71 year-old local sheriff, mere days from retirement, and his chief deputy were also shot and wounded by the killers.  Police gunned the pair down in response.  This exchange happened in a crowded Wal-Mart parking lot, while customers and employees sheltered for their lives.

Reportedly, the chief deputy was hit by multiple rounds, and is in critical condition.  The Sheriff was less seriously wounded.

According to some reports, the killers were Hispanic men, but there was no authoritative word on their identity to support that.

This is, I freely admit, mere deduction, but it seems likely the killers of these officers were drug gangsters on their way to Chicago or another large American city.


  1. Timing is indeed ironic. Your deduction seems like a no brainer, but I'm curious to hear the whole story.


    That kid looks young to me, and he could be lots of things. Mohamed, perhaps... Or just a crazy. Who knows...


  3. Likely a mule for the drug bosses.

  4. There appear to be lots of white supremacist clues in that piece I linked to. At any rate, not Hispanics, as reported some places.

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