Saturday, May 15, 2010

THE HUMANITY: My Kind Of Swede

Lars Vilks must have somehow gotten an old Viking strain in his blood.  He is not one to back down.  He is not one to capitulate.  He is not your stereotypical Swedish squish euroweenie.

I know nothing of Vilks, his sexual preference, his politics, or anything else besides the fact he has drawn cartoons, and made videos, depicting Mohamed in less-than-complimentary ways.  For that, he has been made the target of death threats and at least one bounty for his murder.

But he won't back down.  His nation seems inclined to back down for him, and all around him.  With a few very heartening exceptions.  Whatever else, Vilks is my kind of guy.

Sweden has become a nation of NOT-Vikings...the anti-Vikingest possible group of people you can imagine, in common with the rest of Scandinavia.  In the face of all this neutered "nice", you have a medieval religion of aggressive expansion, compulsion, and violence moving in.  Vilks, with a few others, is fighting back with words and images.  And for that, he faces violence every day.  And for that, his own people murder their own traditions of tolerance and pluralism in the name of "nice".

You've likely seen this video before (h/t Hot Air), but if not watch it start to finish.  This is happening here in college campuses.

Note carefully: Nobody in that audience...especially the inflamed Muslims...was compelled to be there; they came on their own, stayed in the hall on their own, and could have hoisted themselves out at any time.  The Muslims came to be offended, they stayed to find offense, and they would not leave until they shut the venue down.

Mark Goldblatt over at Reason wrote this at the conclusion of a piece you should read: "But how many of us will have the nerve to stand up to a million or so Muslim dirtbags, and to scores of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, of their fellow travelers and psychic enablers, and say in unison, “You want to kill the Enlightenment, you’re going to have to come through me.”

Great question, which deserves an answer from every one of us.  Mine is this: "I stand with Vilks, Goldblatt, Ace, and the millions like us.  We won't back down.  We won't be cowed.  Our fore-bearers stood at the Gates Of Vienna...and a thousand other places...and we will stand".

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