Friday, December 31, 2010

CRASH: ObamaCare's 50 Laboratories Of Death, Pain, and Illness

There are exceptionally ignorant (or just plain stupid OR dishonest) people who stomp up and down when one utters the term "death panel".  It is one of those amazing vignettes in American life that the obvious...and denied with such froth.

There never was any question that a nationalized government health care system would require "death panels".  All such plans just do, as somebody has to decide where to put resources.  When BIG GOVERNMENT strips you and I of our right to decide what to spend on our health, and how to spend it, BIG GOVERNMENT MUST make the choices regarding resources. 

Under ObamaCare, the Federal government has just naturally punted on that decision-making process, to the degree they can.  They have pushed mandates down to the states, via Medicare, that are forcing the individual states to cut back on what they can provide.  This is called "economics".

As a result, people in all 50 (or is it 57?) states will be more ill, in more pain, and simply die.  This will happen regardless of who sits in the governor's mansion, or who controls the legislature.  The iron laws of economics are asserting themselves.
The state [of Arizona] stopped paying for heart, liver and other transplants on Oct. 1, prompting criticism of Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican.
“We are the only state that has cut transplant care,” state Representative Anna Tovar, a Democrat from Tolleson who received a stem-cell transplant, said in a telephone interview. “Who are they to put a figure on a person’s life?”
Now, I don't care who you are...THAT is irony!

There will, of course, be Federal death panels, as well.  Again, somebody has to decide what to spend on your health, and Obama and the Deemocrats took that choice from you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Gorbot’s big green money machine.  Click to enlarge.

While it is doubtful that anyone became wealthy from Gore’s Fairy Tales, there is no question some very rich people became substantially richer.

Blood and Gore and Doerr
In 2004 Gore formed Generation Investment Management LLC (GIM) with his old buddy David Blood to invest in “sustainable energy” and other green ventures.  Blood was a CEO at Goldman Sachs for 18 years and brought in Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris – also high level GS execs.  A year later, Gore brought in his old pal L. John Doerr, and things really got cookin’.  Doerr is a partner with Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers (KPCB), a venture capitol firm in Silicon Valley.  Actually, THE venture capitol firm.  Some of KPCB's funded ventures are: Brio Technology, Compaq, Electronic Arts, Flextronics, Genentech, Lotus Development, LSI Logic, Macromedia, Quantum, Segway, Sun Microsystems, and Tandem.  Doerr’s most notable KPCB clients –, America Online, Google, Intuit and Netscape.  GIM is now worth somewhere north of 3 Bill, and KPCB is into 11 figures.

Follow the Gore/Doerr connections in the middle of the map.  Gore became a co-partner at KPCB - and Doerr at Gore's GIM - and both are directors at Google - and corporate advisors at Silver Spring Networks – which they are funding through KPCB and GIM.  Silver Spring develops high tech utility power grid applications, power meter systems, etc.

Noteworthy side note:  On April 24, 2009, during a congressional hearing, Gore was asked if he was a member of KPCB, and then was asked: "The legislation that we are discussing here today, is that something that you are going to personally benefit from?”  Gore (mis)stated that every penny made from his investments were put in a non-profit to spread awareness of climate change. The exchange ended with Gore saying: “Do you think there is something wrong with being active in business in this country? . . . I am proud of it. Iam proud of it.”  When the smoke cleared some very substantial federal greeenie grants  went to clients of Silver Spring, Ausra (Manufacturers of solar/steam generators – another Gore/Doerr project) and untold other Goer/Doerr interests.  Stimulus, don'tcha know.

The "non-profit" he was referring to would be “Alliance for Climate Protection,” that oversees other non-profit campaigns, including Repower America, the Climate Project, Repower at Home, the WE Campaign, the Reality Coalition, and works with its affiliated organization, the “Climate Protection Action Fund.”  Overall they represent more than 8 million members worldwide.  Using these tax exempt organizations to “spread awareness of climate change” in reality means “instilling worldwide fear and panic” about an imagined global catastrophe, and the urgency of immediate action – resulting in HUGE profits for KPCB, GIM, Silver Spring, Ausra  and numerous other Gore/Doerr interests. 

Doerr, you may notice, also serves on the “President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board” which is advising Dear Leader how to push his green-collar jobs agenda – rather than real recovery and jobs.  Also on the POTUS board is Laura Tyson – who just happens to also be the director of Silver Spring!  What “luck”.  OK, the deck is stacked - Deal! 

The old axiom in business was, "Find a need and fill it."  The new business model is "Create a crisis, then sell your solution."  “I'm really scared. I don’t think we’re gonna make it," dire and dismal Doehr begins.  Listen to the first and last few minutes if you don't have the time.  A real tear jerker, or perhaps tearful jerk.  Using his daughter to sell his pseudo-crisis panic is just pathetic.  "There is a time when panic is the appropriate response."  He is so good at his schtick I think he fools  himself.  This has nothing to do with science or reality. It$ the money, $tupid!

BURN: Chavez Flips Obama The Bird

Um...  No.  Not that one...

Chavez to Obama--

"If the government is going to expel our ambassador there, let them do it!," Chavez said in a televised speech Tuesday night. "If they're going to cut diplomatic relations, let them do it!"
"Now the U.S. government is threatening us that they're going to take reprisals. Well, let them do whatever they want, but that man will not come," Chavez said.
 "The man" is the U.S. ambassador-designate, Larry Palmer, who has had the temerity to say something MILDLY critical of the Chavez dictatorship.

Another blazing success for "soft power" and Obama, the Apologist In Chief.  How they love us...!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CRASH: Just A Thought Question...

Bernie Madoff is universally considered a terrible person...and apparently rightly so.  But in any Ponzi scheme, people DO get rich.  The early comers DO reap wild returns...that is essential to hooking the late-coming suckers.

So, Bernie is going to live in jail.  Rightfully.  But he did at least benefit SOMEBODY who invested with him.

Why is Al Gore still walking around?

Did Gore make anyone rich but himself with his snake-oil "carbon exchange"?

Just a question.  Give it some thought.

BURN: Anthropomorphic Global StayTheSame

As has become apparent to anyone with a functioning brain, among the religion of the Anti-Enlightenment whatever happens in our climate proves that people are ruining the environment.

When the Collectivist's religion ran headlong into altered its AGW (Anthropomorphic Global Warming) BS to AGC (Anthropomorphic Global Climate change) all-inclusive huckster's tour d'force if ever there was one.

It has the dual virtues of giving the misanthropic Neo-Malthusians and Luddites the ability to say...regardless of the weather story dejure...

1. "AH-HA, see...we TOLD you there would be days like this".  When, in fact, they told us the very opposite...or nothing at many instances; AND,

2. that when climate DOES we know it must and is all because of the awful predations of Enlightenment Man.

Hence, we arrive at Anthropomorphic Global StayTheSame; the place where...regardless of what is happening or its actual causation...the religion of the Collective can claim its miracle and demand its sacrifices.  Like the Druids and witch-doctors of old, they can point to the equal of an eclipse as proof of their priest-craft...and with exactly the same scientific underpinnings.

Its priests and cardinals are anti-science.  We see that they do not blush...much less recant...when they are caught red-handed intentionally corrupting data.  We see that they are cheerfully capable of burning heretics at the figurative stake of character assassination and professional destruction.  They will energetically enforce their dogma.  And we are treated to the gob-stopping spectacle of lengthy apologia showing how warming is causing record-setting "colding".

Enlightenment Man developed the "scientific method"...a rational framework for understanding reality, and using it to benefit our species.  One hallmark of science is that it must be testable.  It HAS to be demonstratedA "consensus" of so-called scientists is absolutely irrelevant.  But the religion of the Collective CANNOT be questioned, as everyone involved knows it cannot withstand the requirement that it be demonstrated.  No, indeed, we must act immediately as a matter of faith.

And we must act to crush the Enlightenment.  People must be made less free.  We must live less comfortable, darker, less traveled, more ignorant, shorter lives.  Our wealth must be "spread around".  That is, we prols must live that way.  Our witch-doctors and their approved elite are exempt.

Monday, December 27, 2010

CRASH: Of Dogma and Dopiness

swede  Posted at Doug Ross...THANKS, Doug

Federal Republic of Nigeria
Special Council for Rescue to Climate

Warming greet I am present for you from my homeland Nigeria. I am Ongapo Gonaskruyu, Director of  Special Council for Rescue climate of planet.  Pleasing of us to announce we have invention new device by which for removing of bad carbons from atmosphere that will prevent to you from inconvenient ocean to rising above your head.  Said device is genius for the remove murderous carbons and change to very nice oxygens onto aire.  You are observed this device in below photo. We are happying for the send to your addressed place the saving planet miracle for no moneys, except for you are to see that it is big thing so you need must send for us $5133.43 USD for to be the ship and handle cost.  Please for us immediate to receive credit card and bank account numbers yours for the expedite of shipment.

If you believe that, you will be interested in the latest article from the climate geniuses at NYT!  Yup, they are again pretty sure that they are under three feet of snow because of global warming.  If I may paraphrase this wisdom:  "See the melting ice, like, makes it snow more n’stuff? So ya know, like, the snow reflects the sunlight n’stuff? So like it’s colder ‘cause it’s warmer n’stuff."
Or something.  Allrighty then – glad that’s cleared up!

Good article by Mark Landsbaum in OCR:

“You can make up any analogy you want, but the fact is that computer models don’t show that change,” Pat Michaels, a climatologist and senior fellow at the Cato Institute told The Daily Caller. It is, said Michaels, the “core problem of climatology:” “It is attempting to explain everything even when everything becomes contradictory.”

“They make this stuff up as they go along,” said Myron Ebell, director of the Center of Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“This failure to skillfully predict any of the extreme weather patterns we have seen in the past should be a wake-up call to policymakers and the public that the climate science community is overselling the prediction skill that is possible,” writes Roger Pielke Sr… “Moreover, until and unless they can skillfully predict observationally documented CHANGES in the statistics (probabilities) of the different major circulation patterns, their explanations are necessarily flawed.  There is no evidence that the global climate model multi-decadal predictions (and even shorter term runs on a year or less into the future) have the needed skill."

So, I’m thinking the the smart move, is to spend Billions we don’t have, impose massive fees and taxes in a recessed economy, and transfer all our wealth to third world countries to eliminate miniscule ammounts of greenhouse gasses that probably have absolutely nothing to do with climate warming.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  And of course – God bless ‘em – Califunnya is setting the gold standard of committing fiscal sepuku for the sake of Junk Science!

In the wise and immortal words of the epic philosopher, climate genius and cultural icon, Homer Simpson, “D’OH!!”

Saturday, December 25, 2010

BURN: 1,000 Points Of Blight

I have said that President Obama is an economic fascist, NOT a socialist.  This is simply an observation of reality.  I read an opinion piece by someone I respect (on the Kudlow, Krauthammer, Will statum) some time back that disagreed with this notion, on the grounds that Obama is not a dictator.  Linked at Doug Ross...THANKS, Doug!

I thought at the time that this was remarkably simplistic...and terribly wrong.  Fascist economics do not require a dictator.  They don't even require a Deemocrat; Richard M. Nixon was a leading proponent of fascist economics, too.

In America today, we don't have A dictator...we have a thousand dictators...a thousand points of blight on our Republic.

A thousand demi-dictators are VASTLY more dangerous to our Republic than would be a single one.  They become the embodiment of "LIBERAL FASCISM".

Who are they?  They are not hard to identify.  Some of them are odious, and some seemingly benign.  A few of them are popularly elected, as we see in the 111th Congress...but only a few of them.  Most are beyond the power of the people to remove from their positions of power.

And their power is hardly uniform.  Some of them are TERRIBLY powerful...far beyond most people's appreciation.  Some have only very limited power.  But, taken together, they have power that approaches the absolute.  And we know what absolute power does vis-a-vis corruption, don't we?

They are the judges who tell us an amendment to our state constitution passed by popular vote is "unconstitutional".

They are the DoJ attorneys and other Federal and state apparatchiks who decide they will NOT enforce our laws.  Or who abuse their power to deliberately styme both state and Federal law.

They are the commissioners and staff of a baffling number of Federal bureaucracies who EXCEED or do not exceed the power of their agencies according to law, and who promulgate rules and regulations that DICTATE how we live.  For a contemporary example of the EXCEED kind, think "FCC".  But think also of the EPA and a baker's dozen others.

Milton and Rose Friedman, two of the greatest Americans and thinkers of our time, wrote The Tyranny Of The Status Quo about three decades ago.  In it, they described "the iron triangle"...a combine of interests that would always and automatically act to brunt change at the Federal level.

One corner of that iron triangle was and is the bureaucracy...a nameless, faceless agglomeration of people who wield enormous and virtually irresponsible power.   Hans A. von Spakovsky has pointed out that these people are generally Collectivists (he did not use that term), and this is one ESSENTIALLY important reason that conservatives will tend to be disappointed by the people they elect to office.  Those ELECTED officials virtually CANNOT alter the stampede, except to slow it (as in Ronald Reagan).

For several decades, I have been unable to sing the National Anthem.  I cannot answer the penultimate question about "the land of the free, and the home of the brave" without weeping.  Our national government is dominated by a thousand little dictators, and we have allowed that.

Am I pessimistic about that continuing?  No, ever the cock-eyed optimist...who insists on dealing with reality...I simply know it to be true NOW.  I have reason...via the TEA Party be more optimistic than I could have been just a year or two ago.  People can change what elected politicians cannot.

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Not the Fall, It's the Sudden Stop


While Prime Minister Emil Boc was addressing the Romanian Parliament, a man, identified as state-TV engineer Adrian Sobaru, executed a swan dive (actually more of a belly-flop) from a balcony to the chamber floor.  During his brief flight, he yelled “Boc, you’ve taken away the rights of our children.”  He wore a T-shirt saying “You’ve pierced us. You’ve killed our children’s future. Freedom.”  Sobaru has an autistic son, and was distraught over losing his government health benefits. He survived the fall, and was heard repeating "freedom" as he was wheeled out of the chamber. I might suggest the allusion to Braveheart somehow misses the mark.

Setting aside for the moment the obvious question of how Sobaru figured taking his life would improve his autistic son's situation - his "belly-flop" was tragically illustrative of the big picture of epic European failure, and where the US is heading if Obama's "radical transformation of America" is not radically transformed - and pronto.

Violent demonstrations are breaking out across Europe from Greece to France, Spain, England, Ireland and yes, Romania - as people adamantly oppose their governments pulling back entitlements that should never have been promised.  Simply stated: Governments have promised that which they do not have, and entitlement obsessed people are now demanding that which is not there.

I genuinely sympathize with this poor schmuck - not because of his pathetic attempt at a dramatic statement, nor the loss of his healthcare entitlement - but because the Nanny State has taken away his self-sufficiency, self-respect, dignity and hope - not to mention the "freedom" he thinks he has lost. And I can't help thinking of the irony that this hideous socialist HopeyChangey monster presently being created by the demented Dr. Frankenbama - is the very thing that threatens to destroy hope in America.

I do not anticipate Social Security or Medicare being available when I reach retirement age - leave alone the greatest/worst entitlement yet - BarryCare.  Yet I have no fear of the future. I will simply keep working as long as possible doing what I enjoy, and making due with what I have. My peace of mind comes easily because I do not place my hope and trust in my government, but my God, the ultimate source of our freedom, sovereignty, dignity and hope.

Not a bad thing to remember at Christmas!  Merry Christmas all!  May God's rich blessings in Christ be yours in abundance!

CRASH: Gorebal Warming And "White Christmas"

White Christmas was released in 1954, and has become a fixture in American Christmas celebrations, as families gather around to watch the story so many of us have seen so many times before.

Few of us associate the plot with Gorebal Warming, which is a good thing I suppose.  Yet, right there as an essential plot element is this; it hasn't snowed in Vermont since Thanksgiving.  When Bing Crosby and Danny Kay and the the ladies get off the train, it is balmy.  The guy at the station says it was 68 degrees yesterday.  The General's ski lodge is going broke...

And nobody gets panicked.  Nobody flies off to shut down the (terribly polluting steam-locomotive powered) train, or goes around unscrewing light bulbs.

Because it is WEATHER.  Weather is fickle, and it changes.  People don't make the weather or the climate.  People in 1954 knew that.

We can still learn from our elders.

Merry Christmas everybody! (as George Bailey would say).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

BURN: Forty Acres and a Mule


"If You’ve Got a Potted Plant, That Makes You a Farmer"

“[Pigford] is a fair settlement, it is a just settlement, we think it’s important for congress to fund that settlement. We’re going to continue to make it a priority.”  —President Obama, September 10, 2010 press conference

“Forty acres and a mule” was the motto of the “Freedmen’s Bureau” after the civil war – an attempt at reparation to former slaves by giving them an opportunity to succeed (or fail) on their own. It is also the opening phrase of a judicial opinion by Paul Friedman, a Clinton appointed activist judge in the “Pigford vs. Glickman” case in 1997.  The original case was relatively small potatoes, involving about 400 black farmers who were discriminated against and denied loans by the Department of Agriculture between 1981 and 1997. Clinton’s Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman publicly apologized for this apparent bias, opening a floodgate of further claims and actions.  Clearly what Judge Friedman had in mind by using this phrase was far beyond discrimination against some farmers. It was another attempt at reparations to black people for past injustices across the board – perceived or real – at taxpayer expense.

To date, the original 400 aggrieved farmers has grown to 94,000 claims – a remarkable phenomenon considering there have never been more than 33,000 black farmers!  This has become the largest taxpayer rip off / scam in history, with billions already awarded  – and Obama recently signed “Pigford II, authorizing another $1.2 Billion for further claims.  Most of the recipients have never farmed in their lives!  Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack acknowledges perhaps ten cases of fraud associated with Pigford - there are in fact thousands!  Whistleblowers at USDA and attorneys are coming out of the woodwork.

A new tractor for cultivating the "farm"

"[Pigford is] the largest scam against the federal taxpayers in the history of the United States."
—USDA Employee John Stringfellow

“Pigford is the biggest rip-off this country has ever known, and there are lots of people in positions of power that know it.”
—Jimmy Dismuke, Black Farmer and Pigford Whistleblower

Rather than attempt to explain this monster here, I implore you to read this from Brietbart et al. It takes a while, but I promise this will blow your mind.   Brietbart/Big Journalism has the big picture. 

The_Pigford_Shakedown_r4 -

Interesting how Brietbart got hooked up with this. You may remember Sherry Sherrod, the USDA administrator who was fired after Brietbart ran a video of her speech where she made comments about white farmers she denied assistance to. Brietbart was shocked she was fired - but then she was rehired with a promotion almost immediately. Sherrod and her husband recieved the largest Pigford payoff on record - $13 Million. Now she runs the entire program! There's reparation for you!

Another outstanding overview piece on Pigford is at UNCOVERAGE.  No big deal, really. Just a little story about the largest taxpayer fraud in history, two presidents, Eric Holder, the USDA, Secretary of Agriculture, thousands of trial lawyers cashing in, at least one murder, and billions of our taxpayer dollars. Oh, and here's the best part; "Pigford II" opens the door for Hispanic, Native American, women, gay "farmers" (that is anybody with a potted plant) to cash in too! Estimates are $20 Billion +!  As a "Swedish-American" I am a minority, and I have a potted plant, so I'm off to collect my reparation! See you suckers later.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CRASH: "No Labels" Would Give Us Lots Of Obamas

The "No Labels" notion is bankrupt in any number of ways, but you have to give them their due in one area; that is how we got Barack Hussain Obama as POTUS.

Consider; the man ran AWAY from who and what he is...with the connivance of a LOT of successfully that people are still discovering stuff.  Not everyone, of course.  But a very large segment of the voters had no idea about design.  Obama was the first "no labels" president.

And really, that is the whole idea behind "No Labels".  Think of it as consumer fraud...with your ballot at stake.

In the world of marketing, people with a product spend LOTS of money on people with genius, who spend lots of time and talent on shaping a brand.  Actually, shaping a brand is something that everyone does in a good to bottom.

And brands are not "advertising gimmicks".  They are important talismans that convey a great deal of information to us.  Picture "Honda", and then picture "Chevrolet".  Picture "Whole Foods" as opposed to "Wal-Mart".  Even those simple words conjure up huge amounts of information.  If you roll into a strange town when all the cafes are certain to be closed (as I have many times in the oil field), if you see the "Golden Arches" you are assured you are not going hungry that night, and a uniform, quality-controlled menu is available.

We need, use, and want labels...or brands.  And there are people who will try to muddy the take the value of the brand away by confusing us. Chrysler can and will design a car to look like a Mercedes.  Advertising campaigns can and will be designed to try to make you think a Kodak camera is the equal of a Nikon.  Caveat emptor.

Conservatives are remarkably happy running for political office as conservatives.  Not so liberals, except in a very few places.  Generally, Liberals/Progressives/Collectivists/Statists are very busy assuring you that they are not who they are, and spend a great deal of money and credibility in the pursuit.  They don't even mind telling you they are nothing in particular.  A Honda NOR a Chevy...just a generic car.  Above all that "advertising hype".  Just as'll see...(sucker)...

The whole "No Labels" thing is simply another campaign to get you to buy a pig in a poke.  Front to back, it is a false-flag operation.  It is how we got a President Obama.  Caveat emptor.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BURN: Anti-Science George Moonbat Gets Pawnd

In a piece in which climate witch-doctor George Monbiot explains away the laws of thermodynamics, and ATTEMPTS to explain the record cold effecting BOTH the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, we get this lurid crap--
The global temperature maps published by Nasa present a striking picture. Last month's shows a deep blue splodge over Iceland, Spitsbergen, Scandanavia and the UK, and another over the western US and eastern Pacific. Temperatures in these regions were between 0.5C and 4C colder than the November average from 1951 and 1980. But on either side of these cool blue pools are raging fires of orange, red and maroon: the temperatures in western Greenland, northern Canada and Siberia were between 2C and 10C higher than usual.
Well, the maps show that IF you cook the maps, George.  See, it is kinda a matter of SCALE...

This is the map Moonbat would like you to see, with those "raging fires of orange, red and maroon" covering whole bunches of territory.  It uses a 1200 km "smoothing" of the data.

But if you use a 250 km "smoothing" scale, this is what the map looks like--

Funny...  Those appear to show very different realities.  Those "raging fires" become isolated data points, instead of huge swaths of territory.

For a complete pawning of the Moonbat Monbiot, read this excellent piece at Watts Up With That.  It points out that the "Nuuk" data point is very likely the result of the weather station at Nuuk showing false data, and just why.

It ALSO reports on the record cold sweeping Australia, which most of us have not heard anything about.  This is SUMMER in Australia...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

CRASH: Frivolous Lawsuit (or Complaint) Defined, version 2

NOW (the National Organization of very few really twisted Women) has very publicly filed a series of complaints in Kulhifornia (where else?) against Hooters.  They allege that Hooters is selling sex to children.

Like the infamous Happy Meal case, this is the very stamp of a frivolous abuse of the judicial system...this time criminal or quasi-criminal.  NOW is willing to divert public safety resources to a stupid publicity stunt.  Patty Bellasalma is the "person" behind this stunt.  (I would have said "lady", but she would hate that.)

That is, I hope that is all it ever is...a stupid stunt.  Kuhlhifornia has some really screwy laws (what else?), and I have a sneaking hunch that by very creative twisting of some of them, there might actually be an argument in support of the NOW position.

Let us be clear; I have yet to spend a dollar at a Hooters.  I have five daughters I raised to be fine, strong women.  They would kill me.  Also, I like to concentrate on my food...

But Hooters is not a "sexually-oriented business" as that term is used in most jurisdictions, any more than would be a private swimming area that charged admission.  Clothing is not determinative of that; conduct is.

The use of the term "adult" seems to be the shoe-horn that NOW is trying to apply in the Hooters case.  Here is why that is frivolous--

  1. children are not customers of Hooters; they are brought with their parents
  2. parents have a right to take their kiddies to a restaurant...or into a tavern or grill in many places...if they wish (in many places in the Mid-West, those are the best family dining venues around)
  3. children are not exposed to overtly sexual conduct at Hooters (unless a customer commits assault...a crime...which could happen anywhere)
  4. young ladies in tank-tops and shorts are wearing more clothing than the kiddies would see on a Kuhlifornia several orders of magnitude
  5. NOW calls child-sized Hooters shirts "prurient material" really 
  6. if this was a civil action, NOW has WHAT for standing? And WHAT for a justiciable question?  Meaning, what do they get if they win?  Being that it is NOT a civil action, I still wonder about STANDING.  Who is really behind this?
Here is why this is curiously hypocritical...even for the Collectivists that make up NOW--

  1. I can't recall a peep of protest from NOW at street sex openly practiced in San Francisco
  2. if the issue is COMMERCIAL activity, what about the street vendors in San Francisco openly selling sex toys, fetish devices, and demonstrating their wares?

Kids may certainly eat a meal with their PARENTS at a Hooters without being exposed to overtly sexual...anything.  But there are streets and days of the year where you cannot say that in San Francisco, the venue of one of these complaints.  So, what, REALLY is NOW's problem?  NO HOOTER COOTERS.  This is about forcing Hooters to employ MEN.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

CRASH: Fat Mikey's Huffing Pro Sicko Confessional

Fat Mikey Moore did not write his Huffington Post piece as a confessional.  Still, it stands as an exceptionally clear glimpse into the "mind" of an utterly self-absorbed anti-American propagandist and lover of statism.  

So, we fisk...  Or, instead, we ask pointed questions.

Here, I ask the reader to cowboy up and read the Moore piece linked above.  You will need it for our discussion.

Question one: Is Fat Mikey capable of critical thought?

Item one--Does Fat Mikey consider that the assertions in the Guardian article could be true?

Item two--Does he consider that the January report (of actions taken PRIOR to that) could be true?

Item three--Does he consider the Cuban showing of his "work" (which he reports without support) in April could also be true?

Item four--Does he consider the evidence that Communist regimes can reverse themselves overnight on issues MUCH more important than his "work"?

Hint: Google Nazi-Soviet None-aggression Pact 1939

Item five--What evidence does he present that the Communists aired his work...that is, UNEDITED.

Item six--Does Fat Mikey ever consider the sources of his "facts" about the relative quality of American and Cuban health care?

Hint: Do all nations use the same standards for "live births" when reporting infant mortality?

Item seven--In a state where American films Mikey's own word...seldom seen, how likely is it we are getting truthful information about the quality of Cuban health care from its Communist regime (his sole source, if you trace it).

Question two: What is Fat Mikey's default position respecting the WikiLeaks cables?

Hint: "So, on January 31, 2008, a State Department official stationed in Havana took a made up story and sent it back to his HQ in Washington. "  (Now, see Question One, above.  See also Question Five, below)

Question three: What does Fat Mikey think of his own importance in the world?

Hint:  "It is just days after 'Sicko' has been nominated for an Oscar as Best Documentary. This must have sent someone reeling in Bush's State Department (his Treasury Department had already notified me they were investigating what laws I might have broken in taking three 9/11 first responders to Cuba to get them the health care they had been denied in the United States)."

Question four: Where does Fat Mikey show his disgust for authoritarian censorship?

Hint:  "The Cubans embraced the film so much so it became one of those rare American movies that received a theatrical distribution in Cuba."      KEEP LOOKING...but do not damage your eyes!!!

Question five: When faced with facts that counter his own view, what does Fat Mikey do?

Hint: Look for his position on Cuban exiles, and his comparison to the Bay Of Pigs.

Question six: What does Fat Mikey really believe regarding the Western press (when they print a story he does not like)?

Question seven: What can you identify about America that Fat Mikey likes?

Finally, what support does Fat Mikey offer that the Cuban PEOPLE did NOT react to his "work" with disgust?  IF conditions in Cuba are so fine, why are Cubans willing to risk death and dismemberment to leave?  How does Fat Mikey tolerate/SUPPORT this repression?  Why doesn't Fat Mikey deal honestly with ANYTHING?

BURN: Sweet! WikiLeaks Reveals Moore Lies Banned In Cuba

Fat Mikey's Sicko was such a pack of lies, Cuban authorities would not allow it to be seen in Cuba.  They feared a backlash from the "mythical" Moore depiction of the reality Cubans live. (h/t McQuain @ Q&O)

Thanks to the criminal Assange, whose bail Moore very publicly contributed, this has been revealed.  It was contained in leaked cables from the United States Interest Section in Havana.

Moore either did not have the wit or the honesty to realize that he was portraying a medical system and facilities for the "more equal" segment of the Cuban population...the Communists elite and their guests, and others who could bribe their way in.  "Guests" to include useful idiots like Fat Mikey Moore, Communist stooge and capitalist hypocrite. 

The rest of the Cuban people knew a very, very different reality when it came to medical care, as with so many other aspects of life.

According to the leaked cables, the Moore film so disgusted a group of Cuban physicians, many walked out of the screening.  (It had that effect on intelligent people wherever it was shown).

The Cuban authorities felt it would be unwise (in the Indiana Jones sense) to have it seen by the masses.  The term "cognitive dissonance" comes to mind...along with the term "pitch fork".

So, once again, we see there is balance in the universe, and big, fat, lying hypocrites will be bit by reality.  Oh, and Collectivism...and its promoters and

Thursday, December 16, 2010

BURN: The Definition Of "Frivolous Law Suit"

Now linked by Doug Ross...THANKS, Doug!
I file and defend against law suits for a living.  I cannot imagine filing a frivolous law suit, and I wonder what people mean when they natter about them being a big societal problem.  This, however, is a great example of one of these rare beasts.
WASHINGTON—A mother of two from Sacramento, Calif., says that McDonald’s uses toys as bait to induce her kids to clamor to go to McDonald’s and to develop a preference for nutritionally poor Happy Meals. With the help of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, today the mom, Monet Parham, is filing a class action lawsuit aimed at stopping McDonald’s use of toys to market directly to young children. The suit will be filed in California Superior Court in San Francisco shortly after the court opens for business Wednesday morning.
It isn't really a serious law suit...on any number of levels.  Note the "forum shopping"...mother in Sacramento filing in San Francisco (where the "City Parents"...over the veto of their mayor...just outlawed Happy Meals).  I have no idea of the venue rules in Kulhlifornia, but that wouldn't fly in Texas.

But the "mother" involved is an amazing example of litigious idiocy by a reproductive unit (not a parent), along with her Center For JUNK Science Against The Public Interest co-idiots.  See, this isn't about winning a lawsuit.  This is all about flogging a Collectivist agenda and imposing litigation costs as a strategy.

Note, for instance, that the content of the CSPI press release shows this not-parent has about a dozen choices she refuses to exercise--

  1. turn off the TV
  2. allow your children to only watch PBS (which will propagandize them in ways you'll approve)
  3. provide your daughters a father (this involves a perhaps unwarranted assumption on my part, but there is certainly no indication this "mother" has a father in the home), since fathers are better equipped (generally) to say "NO", and it provides another source for "NO"
  4. learn to say "NO" (this will become increasingly necessary as your children mature)
  5. learn to say "If you pester me after I say 'NO', you will be punished"...and mean it (actual parents learn this lesson fairly early)
  6. teach your children to resist social pressure (which is all this is about, and WILL get much greater as these girls mature)
  7. buy the Happy Meal...and have the gumption to ORDER the meal with the optional "good stuff"..."Even though Happy Meals television advertising shows brief glimpses of healthier products, such as Apple Dippers and low-fat milk, the default options put into Happy Meal by McDonald's employees are usually French fries and sugary sodas."
  8. buy the Happy Meal...give the kids their toys...and DISCARD that awful food (that most people in the world would kill to have)
  9. buy the Happy Meal...give the kids their toys...and DONATE the food to someone who needs it
  10. buy the Happy Meal...and EXERCISE with your doughy progeny
  11. find some toy with which to bribe your brats (who you are teaching to be brats) away from the Happy Meal
  12. surrender custody of your children, since you clearly cannot deal with the responsibility of parenting
Remember, as you read about this, that the Nazis were anti-smoking, anti-processed foods, pro-vegetarian, pro-organic zealots.  They also relied on the power of the state to undermine families and dictate choice.  The Collective is remarkably consistent.

Is there a REMOTE chance that this lawsuit will result in the relief requested?  I don't think so.  Is there a chance it will cost MacDonalds a lot of money to fight?  That is the point...which in most courts, should get everyone on the plaintiff's side a sanction, which the law MANDATES in such cases as this.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CRASH: Fat Mikey Shows His Stripes

Fat Mikey Moore, anti-American propagandist par excellence and capitalist hypocrite nonpareil, has shown his (skunk) stripes once again, this time with respect to WikiLeaks.

Leaving no doubt as to his true nature and allegiance (he hates America, first, last, and always), Mikey has offered to stand bail for murder-promoter and anarchist Julian Assange.

Figures.  Assange is Mikey's kind of guy.  He, too, hates America, liberty, and the rule of law.

BURN: Congress Mandates Every Citizen Buy A Gun

In a controversial move today, both houses of Congress have approved a law requiring that each American purchase a firearm, and that parents have a firearm for each of their children under the age of 26.

"Public safety is a big concern for all Americans, and the skyrocketing cost of policing is something this economy just cannot bear.  We have people free-loading on the police department all the time, calling them 24/7 for protection that they should be providing for themselves.  Congress has simply done the responsible thing, mandating it or not...every American is going to have a firearm in their home."

Yeah.  Unlikely.  But, hey, if we can be ORDERED by the Collective to buy health insurance (which I will defy, BTW), why the heck can't the BIG different hands...ORDER every American to purchase a firearm (or several) and keep them in their homes?

I mean, where does that end?  And what are the limits on the central government?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

BURN: Peace In Our Time


Good News!  We have previously discussed Dear Leader’s Dopey Diplomacy and Clueless Clinton’s plan to secure a “lasting peace in the Middle East” –  in part by imposing “Smart Power” silly sanctions to whip those irky Iranians into line and make them stop playing with nukes!

Bad News:  It is having zero effect. Iran's nuclear ambition continues.

Gooder News!  “Be joyous my heart, miracles of the Messiah will soon be here.”  Unfortunately, this is not in reference to Christ, but a poem by Mahmoud Ahmadinijad in reference to the “Twelfth Imam” or “Mahdi”.  Per Mr. Ahma-dim-jerk and the Mullahs, "when [the Mahdi] reappears, peace, justice and security will overcome oppression and deceit and one global government, the most perfect ever, will be established."  Sounds pretty spiffy!

Bader News! Said global government will of course be Muslim, and among the portents that must take place prior to Mr. Mahdi’s grand entrance are some rather ominous events:
  • Before his coming will come the red death and the white death. The red death is the sword and the white death is plague.
  • The Muslims will throw off the reins and take possession of the land, throwing out the authority of the foreigners.
  • Death and fear will afflict the people…A fire will appear in the sky and a redness will cover them.
In a word, Israel’s gotta go, and Shia Islam rule the world.  Other than that, no worries mates!
Baddest News!  Iran is developing nuclear weapons, and the principle of "Mutually Assured Destruction” - which has held nuclear weapons in check for 65 years - does not deter Iran.  If they have it they will use it.  For this reason and others - Israel can not, must not and will not allow Iran to posses nuclear weapons.  Alas, an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities – triggering a world war involving the USA – seems inevitable.

Goodest News!  Said strike has already been launched and has rendered Iran’s nuclear enrichment program in ruins for the foreseeable future!  No boom was heard because it was a cyber missile!

“It was ‘like the arrival of an F-35 into a World War I battlefield,’ says Ralph Langner, the computer expert who was the first to sound the alarm about Stuxnet. Others have called it the first ‘weaponized’ computer virus…Simply put, Stuxnet is an incredibly advanced, undetectable computer worm that took years to construct and was designed to jump from computer to computer until it found the specific, protected control system that it aimed to destroy: Iran’s nuclear enrichment program."
When this little critter found the control system for thousands of centrifuges, it changed the RPM of the units, seriously damaging them and rendering the uranium useless.  The latest news is that it will take years for the Iranians to purge this little fella from their computers and their nuclear weapons program is for all intents and purposes dead on arrival.

The source of this awesome new weapon remains unknown  (heh, yeah right), and may never be found. There were only two scientists in Iran who were even close to being capable of dealing with Stuxnet - one was killed and the other disabled when motorcyclists happened by and attached magnetic bombs to their car doors.  Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad is of necessity the best intelligence operation on the planet.  Latest imminent threat to Israel neutralized - not a shot fired - no collateral damage - no war - no nukes - no mas.  Just. Freaking. AWESOME!

Mission accomplished.