Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BURN: Anti-Science George Moonbat Gets Pawnd

In a piece in which climate witch-doctor George Monbiot explains away the laws of thermodynamics, and ATTEMPTS to explain the record cold effecting BOTH the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, we get this lurid crap--
The global temperature maps published by Nasa present a striking picture. Last month's shows a deep blue splodge over Iceland, Spitsbergen, Scandanavia and the UK, and another over the western US and eastern Pacific. Temperatures in these regions were between 0.5C and 4C colder than the November average from 1951 and 1980. But on either side of these cool blue pools are raging fires of orange, red and maroon: the temperatures in western Greenland, northern Canada and Siberia were between 2C and 10C higher than usual.
Well, the maps show that IF you cook the maps, George.  See, it is kinda a matter of SCALE...

This is the map Moonbat would like you to see, with those "raging fires of orange, red and maroon" covering whole bunches of territory.  It uses a 1200 km "smoothing" of the data.

But if you use a 250 km "smoothing" scale, this is what the map looks like--

Funny...  Those appear to show very different realities.  Those "raging fires" become isolated data points, instead of huge swaths of territory.

For a complete pawning of the Moonbat Monbiot, read this excellent piece at Watts Up With That.  It points out that the "Nuuk" data point is very likely the result of the weather station at Nuuk showing false data, and just why.

It ALSO reports on the record cold sweeping Australia, which most of us have not heard anything about.  This is SUMMER in Australia...


  1. But Global Warming CAUSES record cold, don't you know? Jeez, get with the program.

  2. Sorry...

    It's that "rational thinking" thing getting in the way...

  3. This is advanced science. You obviously know nothing about splodges, raging fires and cool blue pools as they pertain to climatology. This guy is, like, all uber-smart n'stuff.

    Note well where the raging fire splodge is situated - indicating the real looming global crisis. The escess of body heat eminating from the engineered population imbalance in the far east. Make no mistake, this puppy's gonna flip over any time now.

  4. Should we do our part and hop up and down...and chant "Wuba---wuba"...???

    The hopping would counter some of the imbalance, sure.