Saturday, December 18, 2010

BURN: Sweet! WikiLeaks Reveals Moore Lies Banned In Cuba

Fat Mikey's Sicko was such a pack of lies, Cuban authorities would not allow it to be seen in Cuba.  They feared a backlash from the "mythical" Moore depiction of the reality Cubans live. (h/t McQuain @ Q&O)

Thanks to the criminal Assange, whose bail Moore very publicly contributed, this has been revealed.  It was contained in leaked cables from the United States Interest Section in Havana.

Moore either did not have the wit or the honesty to realize that he was portraying a medical system and facilities for the "more equal" segment of the Cuban population...the Communists elite and their guests, and others who could bribe their way in.  "Guests" to include useful idiots like Fat Mikey Moore, Communist stooge and capitalist hypocrite. 

The rest of the Cuban people knew a very, very different reality when it came to medical care, as with so many other aspects of life.

According to the leaked cables, the Moore film so disgusted a group of Cuban physicians, many walked out of the screening.  (It had that effect on intelligent people wherever it was shown).

The Cuban authorities felt it would be unwise (in the Indiana Jones sense) to have it seen by the masses.  The term "cognitive dissonance" comes to mind...along with the term "pitch fork".

So, once again, we see there is balance in the universe, and big, fat, lying hypocrites will be bit by reality.  Oh, and Collectivism...and its promoters and


  1. I think you can only experience "cognitive dissonance" if you a) have two or more functioning brain cells, and b) have a rational rather than relativistic world view. Like fuzzy math: 2+2= whatever makes you feel good.

  2. But the Cuban people are quite capable of recognizing the lurching dissonance of the Moore portrayal of Cuba's health care system versus the reality they experience.

    Normal people DO know the difference between being pissed upon, and being rained upon.

    You have to be a Collectivist to have trouble with those basic concepts...

  3. Point taken, but Castro's been pissn on them for, what, 60 years now - and telling them it's champaign or something. Dissaproving of the healthcare (or anything) there is very bad for your health.