Thursday, December 2, 2010

CRASH: Joint Chiefs To Volunteer Force: "Screw You!"

Adm. Mike Mullens must think there are scads of "tiger kitties" in America, just waiting to sign up to fill combat arms slots.  He's going to need them after telling serving volunteer soldiers, sailors, and airmen they need to shut up or ship out.

The military isn't doing away with "Don't ask-Don't tell".  They are just flipping it on its head.  Actually, it is worse.

Tolerance...?!?!?  We dun need no stinkin' "tolerance".  See, according to Mullens, if you don't break over for the new "tolerance" for gays in the military, you need to find other work.  Tolerance, indeed!!!

Now, I find nothing to bar openly gay men and women from serving in many military positions.  REPs (Rear Echelon Pukes) are actually the majority of the military, not war-fighters.  For every killer, you have LOTS of support people in uniform (thanks to all of them, BTW).  Even pilots could be "skippy as they wanna be" as far as I'm concerned.  REPs don't tend to live anything like the kind of lives of the real killers.

But the Joint Chiefs are ignoring the expressed views of their real war-fighters, and they are doing it out of political correctness.  It WILL cost us in terms of our defense.  It WILL undermine what we used to call Unit Freaking Integrity, which is enormously important.  Like the EXTREMELY poor experience of women serving on combat vessels, this will be largely covered up.

Flag-rank officers (Generals and Admirals) are ESSENTIALLY political animals who happen to also know something (we hope) about military matters.  These Chiefs are given over to PC at the expense of our national security, and they need to be set straight by the people they serve...but especially those who volunteer to serve at the point of the spear.


  1. The first female carrier fighter pilot is dead. The Navy trumped her up in their PC profile. She had four "downs". (A deck landing outside of safe perameters) Normally, after two downs a pilot is grounded for further training or transfer to other duties. They kept her flying until she drove herself and a $25mil aircraft to the bottom of the Pacific.

    In the military, PC is deadly.

  2. I don't have a problem with anybody who can do what the job is.

    I have IMMENSE problems with quota-driven ANYTHING.

    That lady (bless her for her service) was killed by stupid policy...that collaterally killed someone else's chance at that slot.