Thursday, December 9, 2010

CRASH: Ancient Moonbat--"That Bloomberg Is A Shoo-In"

Writing in The Daily Bust...where else?...ancient moonbat and failed presidential candidate Ralph Nader assures us that Michael Bloomberg is the very stamp of a successful POTUS candidate in 2012.

Nader provides us 21 reasons Nanny Bloomers can be our next POTUS, some of which are simply precious, and each a tour d'main in moonbattery.  Take, for instance...
13. Nowadays, people do give billionaires the benefit of the doubt—to wit—“he can’t be bought;” “he was very successful and met a large payroll;” “he doesn’t owe the fat cats anything,” “he’s not going to be a wild, unpredictable unknown,” “he has a stake in a stable system.”
Two word refutation: George Soros.  I can think of very few billionaires I would REMOTELY consider giving my vote.  Bloomers would be one of the LAST.

18. Right off he starts out in a good position to win most of the New England states, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington state and quite possibly Florida. Remember, all he needs is a plurality of the vote in each state in a three-way race.
On what pixie-dust poll we come to that conclusion, I'm sure I don't know.  Are people in those states showing in polling they want to elect a Hobbit???

1. He starts out well-known nationally with a broad support core of city mayors and urbanists with whom he has worked for years to steep himself in knowledge about metropolitan matters.
Lessee here...  Suppose he freaking SWEEPS the field of big city mayors and "urbanists"...that would mean...what...150 votes, nation-wide...?!?!?
7. The percentage of voters registering as independent is at an all-time high. In some states there are more independently registered voters than those registering as Republicans or Democrats. Independent voters are more likely to shift their allegiance than loyal partisan voters.
And this is where Old Ralph (sounds like something you'd see on the saloon floor) is at his battiest.  He ASSumes that independent voters are hippies.  They LIKE BIG GOVERNMENT, and would be enthralled to have Nanny Bloomers telling them...on a national level...what they can eat, smoke, drink, and think.  Remember, it was Bloomers who lept to the conclusion that the Times Square Bomber must be some disgruntled white guy, hacked about ObamaCare.  I will will Red America.

9. Bloomberg has received criticisms on numerous issues, but he panders less than any national politician. As mayor he has taken on the NRA all the way to Congress. He has enraged the tobacco industry and saloon owners with his no-smoking ordinances, angered the food industry and restaurants with his drive against sugar and transfats. Recently, he stood tall [see above under "Hobbit"] against heavy pressure and supported the right of an Islamic cultural center to locate in lower Manhattan.
Whoa, yeah!!!  THAT certainly endeared him to Americans everywhere.  Well, Berkley...nope, right the first time.  I did say Americans...  He seems to support the Cordoba House more than he's supporting the Freedom Tower.

For my money, a Nanny Bloomers presidential administration would just about be the last thing this nation needs after Obama.  For one thing, Bloomers can't tell friend from foe, just like the Collectivist he is.  He HATES liberty.  More of the Obamabanana Republic.

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