Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Not the Fall, It's the Sudden Stop


While Prime Minister Emil Boc was addressing the Romanian Parliament, a man, identified as state-TV engineer Adrian Sobaru, executed a swan dive (actually more of a belly-flop) from a balcony to the chamber floor.  During his brief flight, he yelled “Boc, you’ve taken away the rights of our children.”  He wore a T-shirt saying “You’ve pierced us. You’ve killed our children’s future. Freedom.”  Sobaru has an autistic son, and was distraught over losing his government health benefits. He survived the fall, and was heard repeating "freedom" as he was wheeled out of the chamber. I might suggest the allusion to Braveheart somehow misses the mark.

Setting aside for the moment the obvious question of how Sobaru figured taking his life would improve his autistic son's situation - his "belly-flop" was tragically illustrative of the big picture of epic European failure, and where the US is heading if Obama's "radical transformation of America" is not radically transformed - and pronto.

Violent demonstrations are breaking out across Europe from Greece to France, Spain, England, Ireland and yes, Romania - as people adamantly oppose their governments pulling back entitlements that should never have been promised.  Simply stated: Governments have promised that which they do not have, and entitlement obsessed people are now demanding that which is not there.

I genuinely sympathize with this poor schmuck - not because of his pathetic attempt at a dramatic statement, nor the loss of his healthcare entitlement - but because the Nanny State has taken away his self-sufficiency, self-respect, dignity and hope - not to mention the "freedom" he thinks he has lost. And I can't help thinking of the irony that this hideous socialist HopeyChangey monster presently being created by the demented Dr. Frankenbama - is the very thing that threatens to destroy hope in America.

I do not anticipate Social Security or Medicare being available when I reach retirement age - leave alone the greatest/worst entitlement yet - BarryCare.  Yet I have no fear of the future. I will simply keep working as long as possible doing what I enjoy, and making due with what I have. My peace of mind comes easily because I do not place my hope and trust in my government, but my God, the ultimate source of our freedom, sovereignty, dignity and hope.

Not a bad thing to remember at Christmas!  Merry Christmas all!  May God's rich blessings in Christ be yours in abundance!

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  1. Thomas Sowell has noted that everything seems groovy...right up to the moment of collapse.

    Sobaru seems to have had to learn that TWICE.

    Reality bites.