Sunday, December 5, 2010

THE HUMANITY: Beautiful Potential

"Flash-mobs" they call them.  I don't like the name, but nobody asked.  People...with little or nothing to gain...get together and produce amazing, wonderful art.

Speaking only for myself, that is deeply have been most of these that I've seen.

Ever since I became aware of this phenomenon, I have felt it held enormous potential for very effective use by TEA Party people.  I don't know just how.  I just know potential when I see it.


  1. They did one of these at Macys in Philly accompanied by the Wanamaker Organ -world’s largest pipe organ.

    These are from “1000 Random Acts of Culture” by the Knight Foundation over three years across the country. In my arrogantly humble opinion - Awesomely Awesome!

  2. "the Wanamaker Organ"

    REALLY glad you elaborated on that...