Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BURN: ...which only leaves the question of his clinginess...

Barack Hussain Obama has proven he is a deeply bitter person.  Wonder how clingy he is?  And to what does he cling?

Well, we need look no further than his AMAZING presser yesterday.  It will tell you all you need to know about this man/child and what he clings to...

I’m not sure I could have gotten through the Obama press conference just now without John’s bracing live-blog posts. I have to say, the president’s political performance was the most partisan I have seen from an American chief executive. The references to the needs of the people were perfunctory and disordered, at best. The cast of President Obama’s rhetoric was entirely in the mold of the bruised ideologue.
I don’t recall Obama ever coming off in a national forum quite so much like a leftist community organizer. In demonizing his political opponents, lecturing his base, and vowing to fight on in a long struggle, Obama appeared to be channeling his political roots in radical activism. He evoked an activist street fighter on the steps of city hall more than a president of the United States. The president is our head of government but also our head of state: a ceremonial symbol of national unity. One of his chief duties is to be happy about that.
Radical activism, to be sure.  But also his own HUGE-bris (a term I coined, because his exceeds mere hubris), which has been challenged.  And not by a bunch of obstructionists, but by the American people who just took away his toys and served him with a restraining order.

"They don't like us...they really, REALLY DON'T like us...!!!!"

The "us" they don't like are the Collective, which we have seen revealed in its pure plumage for the first time in decades.  And the "they" who likes it not are the American people.

We have been fed the lies about "classes" in America, and the poison of "class envy" by the Collective for about a century (or a little more).  Americans have been told that the "rich" are to blame for every social ill, and that BIG GOVERNMENT is their panacea.

Tax rate reductions are "good" and apparently stimulative of the economy if they are provided to the middle-class.  They are "bad" and have no stimulative effect on the economy if they are given...exactly at the same the "rich".  Oh, and never mind that the "rich" are paying for most people's government, and that nearly half of Americans pay NOTHING.

See, that is all just so silly that even a century of conditioning cannot make it fly.

Couple that with what people of ordinary intelligence and ordinary observation know; the Keynesian boondoggle of IMMENSE government spending, coupled with the injection of COPIOUS uncertainty from the Obamabanana Republic's destruction of law and sound economics, has actually HURT the American economy, deepened and protracted the recession...unexpectedly.

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