Saturday, December 18, 2010

CRASH: Fat Mikey's Huffing Pro Sicko Confessional

Fat Mikey Moore did not write his Huffington Post piece as a confessional.  Still, it stands as an exceptionally clear glimpse into the "mind" of an utterly self-absorbed anti-American propagandist and lover of statism.  

So, we fisk...  Or, instead, we ask pointed questions.

Here, I ask the reader to cowboy up and read the Moore piece linked above.  You will need it for our discussion.

Question one: Is Fat Mikey capable of critical thought?

Item one--Does Fat Mikey consider that the assertions in the Guardian article could be true?

Item two--Does he consider that the January report (of actions taken PRIOR to that) could be true?

Item three--Does he consider the Cuban showing of his "work" (which he reports without support) in April could also be true?

Item four--Does he consider the evidence that Communist regimes can reverse themselves overnight on issues MUCH more important than his "work"?

Hint: Google Nazi-Soviet None-aggression Pact 1939

Item five--What evidence does he present that the Communists aired his work...that is, UNEDITED.

Item six--Does Fat Mikey ever consider the sources of his "facts" about the relative quality of American and Cuban health care?

Hint: Do all nations use the same standards for "live births" when reporting infant mortality?

Item seven--In a state where American films Mikey's own word...seldom seen, how likely is it we are getting truthful information about the quality of Cuban health care from its Communist regime (his sole source, if you trace it).

Question two: What is Fat Mikey's default position respecting the WikiLeaks cables?

Hint: "So, on January 31, 2008, a State Department official stationed in Havana took a made up story and sent it back to his HQ in Washington. "  (Now, see Question One, above.  See also Question Five, below)

Question three: What does Fat Mikey think of his own importance in the world?

Hint:  "It is just days after 'Sicko' has been nominated for an Oscar as Best Documentary. This must have sent someone reeling in Bush's State Department (his Treasury Department had already notified me they were investigating what laws I might have broken in taking three 9/11 first responders to Cuba to get them the health care they had been denied in the United States)."

Question four: Where does Fat Mikey show his disgust for authoritarian censorship?

Hint:  "The Cubans embraced the film so much so it became one of those rare American movies that received a theatrical distribution in Cuba."      KEEP LOOKING...but do not damage your eyes!!!

Question five: When faced with facts that counter his own view, what does Fat Mikey do?

Hint: Look for his position on Cuban exiles, and his comparison to the Bay Of Pigs.

Question six: What does Fat Mikey really believe regarding the Western press (when they print a story he does not like)?

Question seven: What can you identify about America that Fat Mikey likes?

Finally, what support does Fat Mikey offer that the Cuban PEOPLE did NOT react to his "work" with disgust?  IF conditions in Cuba are so fine, why are Cubans willing to risk death and dismemberment to leave?  How does Fat Mikey tolerate/SUPPORT this repression?  Why doesn't Fat Mikey deal honestly with ANYTHING?


  1. "Why doesn't Fat Mikey deal honestly with ANYTHING?"

    George Washington started it all with, "I cannot tell a lie." A good little lybrocrit(TM) is a relativist - and if there is no absolute truth, you cannot lie. Cherry trees may or may not exist in some alternate realities so cutting one down would be an oxymoron. Therein lies the answer to the Fat Mikey conundrum - He is rather "oxy" in appearance - and he is certainly a "moron." QED

    What's a dopey demagogue to do when your fellow demogogues demagogue your demagoguery? Oh, what a tangled web we see when first we practice demagoguery...

  2. So, now you add poetry to your catalog of crimes... (Actually, it was pretty good).

    I was going to note that, along with Mikey supplying the Cubans a 35mm print, he sent along a spare bulb for the Projector Nacionale de la Revolucion (a Tribant headlight), 25 pop-up books, and three fully painted dioramas to tour the rural districts. Every Cuban was to have the immense joy of Mikey's work. (A few who resisted are being "artistically re-educatated").