Saturday, December 4, 2010

BURN: "Extending The Middle-Class Tax WHAT?!?!?"

That is the thing you have NOT heard on your MSM news...OR screaming in the headlines of your MSM newspaper...OR much of anywhere else.  Nobody is asking that incensed question.  Wonder why...? 

Remember that the Bush tax cuts have ALWAYS been called "tax cuts only for the very wealthiest Americans" by the liars at the Collectivist propaganda organs?   What's all this about EXTENDING tax cuts for the middle-class?  When did all that happen?  Well, it happened when Mr. Bush got you and I a UNIVERSAL rate reduction.  (That means it worked to lower everybody's taxes, see?)

Now here we are with virtual consensus on the issue of extending the Bush tax RATE cuts (across-the-board, for everybody) for middle-class tax payers, while the Collective is having a rolling-cat-fit over the idea of RAISING the rates for "the wealthiest" Americans, who already pay WAY the hell more than their "fair share".  All that while nearly half of Americans pay NOTHING for their government, which is obscene.

So, the "Bush tax cuts for the rich" meme that you've been fed for the last...oh, FOREVER...that is nicely exposed for the lie it always was.  Except nobody is talking about it.  Funny...


  1. And here's the real cerebral cortex crusher - The Bush tax cuts for the middle class are expiring. Why now, I asks meself? Then I answers - The same Demagogocrats that are now piping their passion for the proletariat OPPOSED THE CUTS. So the Repubs had to use that thingy, ummmm, oh whadya call it...? Oh yeah, Reconciliation. Huh. Heard that used not so long ago somewhere...

    The Byrd Rule stipulates that measures passed via reconciliation expire in 10 years unless re-enacted/extended by Congress. So does that mean StalinCare expires in 9 years I asks? You betcha I answers. Last best hope to kill the beast - but the damage done by then may be irreversable.

  2. Oh, NOOOOO...

    That would involve abiding by rules. Deemocrats dun ned no stinkin' rules...!!!!

    Won't ABIDE no stinkin' rules, either.

    We have to kill it the same way Prohibition was killed....popular violation (civil disobedience).