Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CRASH: "No Labels" Would Give Us Lots Of Obamas

The "No Labels" notion is bankrupt in any number of ways, but you have to give them their due in one area; that is how we got Barack Hussain Obama as POTUS.

Consider; the man ran AWAY from who and what he is...with the connivance of a LOT of successfully that people are still discovering stuff.  Not everyone, of course.  But a very large segment of the voters had no idea about design.  Obama was the first "no labels" president.

And really, that is the whole idea behind "No Labels".  Think of it as consumer fraud...with your ballot at stake.

In the world of marketing, people with a product spend LOTS of money on people with genius, who spend lots of time and talent on shaping a brand.  Actually, shaping a brand is something that everyone does in a good to bottom.

And brands are not "advertising gimmicks".  They are important talismans that convey a great deal of information to us.  Picture "Honda", and then picture "Chevrolet".  Picture "Whole Foods" as opposed to "Wal-Mart".  Even those simple words conjure up huge amounts of information.  If you roll into a strange town when all the cafes are certain to be closed (as I have many times in the oil field), if you see the "Golden Arches" you are assured you are not going hungry that night, and a uniform, quality-controlled menu is available.

We need, use, and want labels...or brands.  And there are people who will try to muddy the take the value of the brand away by confusing us. Chrysler can and will design a car to look like a Mercedes.  Advertising campaigns can and will be designed to try to make you think a Kodak camera is the equal of a Nikon.  Caveat emptor.

Conservatives are remarkably happy running for political office as conservatives.  Not so liberals, except in a very few places.  Generally, Liberals/Progressives/Collectivists/Statists are very busy assuring you that they are not who they are, and spend a great deal of money and credibility in the pursuit.  They don't even mind telling you they are nothing in particular.  A Honda NOR a Chevy...just a generic car.  Above all that "advertising hype".  Just as'll see...(sucker)...

The whole "No Labels" thing is simply another campaign to get you to buy a pig in a poke.  Front to back, it is a false-flag operation.  It is how we got a President Obama.  Caveat emptor.

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