Friday, December 31, 2010

CRASH: ObamaCare's 50 Laboratories Of Death, Pain, and Illness

There are exceptionally ignorant (or just plain stupid OR dishonest) people who stomp up and down when one utters the term "death panel".  It is one of those amazing vignettes in American life that the obvious...and denied with such froth.

There never was any question that a nationalized government health care system would require "death panels".  All such plans just do, as somebody has to decide where to put resources.  When BIG GOVERNMENT strips you and I of our right to decide what to spend on our health, and how to spend it, BIG GOVERNMENT MUST make the choices regarding resources. 

Under ObamaCare, the Federal government has just naturally punted on that decision-making process, to the degree they can.  They have pushed mandates down to the states, via Medicare, that are forcing the individual states to cut back on what they can provide.  This is called "economics".

As a result, people in all 50 (or is it 57?) states will be more ill, in more pain, and simply die.  This will happen regardless of who sits in the governor's mansion, or who controls the legislature.  The iron laws of economics are asserting themselves.
The state [of Arizona] stopped paying for heart, liver and other transplants on Oct. 1, prompting criticism of Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican.
“We are the only state that has cut transplant care,” state Representative Anna Tovar, a Democrat from Tolleson who received a stem-cell transplant, said in a telephone interview. “Who are they to put a figure on a person’s life?”
Now, I don't care who you are...THAT is irony!

There will, of course, be Federal death panels, as well.  Again, somebody has to decide what to spend on your health, and Obama and the Deemocrats took that choice from you.

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  1. No, see, we like to call them "Quality of Life Panels". They will decide what level of potential value, productivity and social harmony your future existance represents to the collective - based on criteria better decided by intellectually superior progressive people. At some point, you are using up perfectly good air and nutrients, producing excess CO2, and are of more value to the community as fertilizer - thus improving the quality of life for the rest of us. Don't be so self-centered. /s*** - uh, /s*r*

    Huh. Can't seem to turn my sarc off anymore. Must be getting bad.