Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BURN: Anthropomorphic Global StayTheSame

As has become apparent to anyone with a functioning brain, among the religion of the Anti-Enlightenment whatever happens in our climate proves that people are ruining the environment.

When the Collectivist's religion ran headlong into altered its AGW (Anthropomorphic Global Warming) BS to AGC (Anthropomorphic Global Climate change) all-inclusive huckster's tour d'force if ever there was one.

It has the dual virtues of giving the misanthropic Neo-Malthusians and Luddites the ability to say...regardless of the weather story dejure...

1. "AH-HA, see...we TOLD you there would be days like this".  When, in fact, they told us the very opposite...or nothing at many instances; AND,

2. that when climate DOES we know it must and is all because of the awful predations of Enlightenment Man.

Hence, we arrive at Anthropomorphic Global StayTheSame; the place where...regardless of what is happening or its actual causation...the religion of the Collective can claim its miracle and demand its sacrifices.  Like the Druids and witch-doctors of old, they can point to the equal of an eclipse as proof of their priest-craft...and with exactly the same scientific underpinnings.

Its priests and cardinals are anti-science.  We see that they do not blush...much less recant...when they are caught red-handed intentionally corrupting data.  We see that they are cheerfully capable of burning heretics at the figurative stake of character assassination and professional destruction.  They will energetically enforce their dogma.  And we are treated to the gob-stopping spectacle of lengthy apologia showing how warming is causing record-setting "colding".

Enlightenment Man developed the "scientific method"...a rational framework for understanding reality, and using it to benefit our species.  One hallmark of science is that it must be testable.  It HAS to be demonstratedA "consensus" of so-called scientists is absolutely irrelevant.  But the religion of the Collective CANNOT be questioned, as everyone involved knows it cannot withstand the requirement that it be demonstrated.  No, indeed, we must act immediately as a matter of faith.

And we must act to crush the Enlightenment.  People must be made less free.  We must live less comfortable, darker, less traveled, more ignorant, shorter lives.  Our wealth must be "spread around".  That is, we prols must live that way.  Our witch-doctors and their approved elite are exempt.

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