Thursday, December 2, 2010

CRASH: FCC's Copps Wants More Media "Oversight"

Absentee owners...some from galactic neighbors "hundreds of thousands of miles away"...have made for LESS news coverage know, NEWS segments...than five years ago.  Imagine!!!
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OK...maybe he said "hundreds OR thousands of miles away".  Anyhow...

This idiot network Nazi wants an obvious return to the days when we had Big Bro deciding our news content on a whole three channels.  A place were government conducts "oversight" of what gets out on the air waves.

See, according to him, we are critically deprived of news "and information" (which I think means "propaganda"), to the point that our democracy is threatened.  He really means the Collective is threatened...which IS his "democracy".

This suggests he did not get the Collective's memo about there being just "too much information" ouet dare, as Friz Hollings would say.  According to that meme, we need to kill the clutter, and just get back to a few basic (Collective-sanctioned) sources.

But both roads lead to the same tightly controlled town square where Big Bro helps us understand what we need to understand...and shelters us from what we don't.  I'll see Mr. Copps at the barricades before that happens.


  1. Yeah, life was simpler when all we had was Cronkite and Huntly/Brinkly to tell us "...that's the way it is." Who could argue with uncle Walter?

    Wasn't it John Adams that got a law passed that criticizing the president or Congress was illegal? Didn't work out well for him.

    Goodnight Chet.

  2. I'll take complex.

    Good night, David.