Monday, October 25, 2010

BURN: No, Howie...It's Called "Obamic Tinnitus"

Howie Kurtz recently migrated to The Daily Bust from the WaPo.  He burns a lot of words wringing his hands over how the Obami tragically seem incapable of getting the "truth" out to the American people.  Another (stupid) installment in the "too much information out there" meme of the Collective.

Obama certainly bears responsibility for a wide range of missteps and a perverse talent for turning winning (on the Hill) into losing (in the court of public opinion). But what’s fascinating is the belief that the bully pulpit has been permanently downsized, forcing the leader of the free world to shout for attention in a cacophonous world.
It sounds absurd: Obama can instantly command attention any time he wants. He can pop onto the Today show, plop himself on Jay Leno’s couch, get himself on the cover of The New York Times Magazine, chat up the kids on MTV, diagram basketball brackets on ESPN. This week he’ll drop by The Daily Show and match wits with Jon Stewart. Everything he says is news.
But he has to compete with the din created by Gawker, Glenn Beck, baseball, Hardball, Oprah, Olbermann, O’Reilly, SNL, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
And so the White House has to plot strategy to break through the static, just like any group of image-makers hawking a product. The fact that the salesman-in-chief is a global celebrity remains a powerful weapon. But it’s also a double-edged sword—one that, as a top official put it, can wind up "embedded in your chest."
See?  Poor Mr. Obama has to compete with other voices.  Gee, that never happened before, huh?  And people just have too much information now,  vying for their limited attention-span.

Actually, Howie, the truth is much more simple...and obvious.  We suffer from a malady I first identified as a sufferer in about month four of the Obama regime--Obamic Tinnitus.  It is typified by a constant, annoying ringing in the ears.  It is aggravated by the CERTAINTY that most of the messages coming over the ringing are LIES.  The sufferer adapts by simply screening out the ever-present noise.

So, Howie, it isn't that we don't hear...all the freaking time...the "messaging" flowing out of the White House and its organs.  We've just learned to ignore it.  Our brains adapt.  America has moved on.  We don't CARE what they are saying.  And pretending to pay attention...or worse, believe anything we are an exercise in cognitive dissonance.  Or DELUSION.

See, Howie, Americans have Obama's number now...he's a known quantity.  Most of us are biding time until his day in the sun is over.  It is going to be a LONNNNNNGGGG twilight.  We understand that the Obamic Tinnitus is just something we have to suffer through for a little longer.


  1. So basically, it's another "if only the stupid people knew how brilliant he is" piece. Got it.

    If only the fawning "journalists" had a lick of common sense...

  2. Shhhhhhh john. Don't type so loud, you'll wake Rags.

    Obama speaking = noise pollution.
    Jake Blues - "How often do the trains go by?"
    Elwood Blues - "So often you won't even notice."