Sunday, October 3, 2010

BURN: Never Hire Anyone With A Hispanic Name

The BIG take-away from the Meg Whitman-illegal alien flap is clear; if you even remotely DREAM of having a political career, or serving in government in ANY capacity, NEVER, EVER hire anyone with a Hispanic last name.

Not  as a house-keeper; not as a tradesman; not as ANYTHING.  Just DON'T DO IT.  Because, if you do, and EVEN Meg Whitman and her husband TRY to comply with the law, doing everything you know how to do...or even COULD do legally (i.e., without violating a job-seeker's privacy rights), some scum-sucking pol will use it to smear you if they can (see Allred, Gloria).

Now, that is fundamentally unfair.  It is horrendous.  But it is also inescapably TRUE.

Several people...Hugh Hewitt, Mark Levin (both lawyers)...have eviscerated Gloria Allred in interviews on this mess.  Nobody, IMNHO, did it better than Greta Van Susteren--

The same holds true of anyone who might apply to you for a job who has an Oriental last name, an Irish accent, or an Eastern European accent.  You CANNOT afford to hire them.  Even AFTER they present you with what APPEAR to be genuine documents, and you do what you can to confirm their authenticity, you just can't take the risk that they are false, and your applicant a liar, perjurer, criminal, and illegal alien like Nicky Diaz Santillan.

IF you get a cryptic letter from the government (ANY government) that raises ANY question as to the legal status of an employee, FIRE them immediately if you live in a "at-will" employment state, or start looking for a cause to fire them if you have to have one in your state.

Because there are people like Gloria Allred who will burn anyone down to smear you, just like she has burned her client, Nicky Diaz, to foster the political fortunes of their favorite candidate.


  1. OK here's what we know.
    Niki Diaz is an illegial alien (preferably refered to as undocumented worker by Allred) - either way she lives and works in the US illegally. She obtained a fradulant SS card (a felony in itself), lied to the employment agency, lied to the Whitmans.

    The Whitmans may or may not have known she was illegal. The only evidence that they did would be the allegation from Diaz - whose veracity is already demonstrably unreliable.

    Levin almost cornered Allred. A third party is paying her. She sure isn't getting anything from Diaz. From what we've seen of Allred, I don't think it's the money or the political angle. She's where she loves to be. On the front page and in front of TV cameras. She's an attention whore who, as Levin told her, is exploiting Diaz to promote herself. She should be disbarred.

    When the dust settles and the facts get clear, I don't think this will hurt Whitman.

  2. I wish I had the kind of cash Diaz had working as a maid. What was it? $21 an hour?

    There is no way that anyone with common sense could think she was a victim of anything outside of coddling.