Sunday, October 24, 2010

CRASH: I've Been A Bad Blogger...And MORE!

I have been frightfully derelict in posting here.  There is a reason, of course...maybe several.  What is more, I haven't so much as read another blog in weeks.

This is very unlike my usual habits.  I normally absorb several blogs, and scan at least several more.  In some respects, I've missed it.  But in others...not so much.

I have listened...when Mr. Limbaugh, and have not felt out of the loop to any appreciable degree.  This may be partly this point in the great panoply of life...things are actually pretty much going as I would expect.

I am a practicing trial attorney.  I like what I do...usually.  Sometimes I hate it...especially the caprice I encounter in the courtroom, mostly from judges who either don't know the rules or don't care about them. 

But one thing I love about the work I do is having the opportunity to take what another attorney...or a series of others...has made a hash of, and put it back on the rails.  This is very much playing to my (warped) type.  See, I have this spooky capacity to focus on a case, to understand the forces in play, and to creatively find a resolution to it.  It's almost like I was made for this kind of situation.  So, I have been in my "deep immersion" mode, and little else has mattered to me.

Balance is NEVER my forte, but I usually do better.  Sometimes, though, you just have to let all pretense go, and be the critter you are.  One thing I've noticed about the world swirling around me currently...a lot of the other critters are behaving just as I know they will.  Comforting, in a way...


  1. You also have a tendency to go for the jugular and hang on like a pit bull - Helpful in some cases I expect.

    So, if Lady Justice is blindfolded - and no-peeky, how does she know which way the scale is tipping? Like some lawyer isn't going to put lead weights on their side? Get real. Your system is flawed.

  2. Well, yeeeah...

    Name one that isn't, or is better!

    Jugulars are MUCH more efficient. Ankle-biting is simply ineffectual...

  3. I thought for a moment this was the shark thread.

    Rags, we'll forgive your derilection. As long as it never happens again. Ever.