Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BURN: The Deliberate Madness Of The Courts, Pt 1

Normal people can read where our Constitution says Congress has power "To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes".  After reading those plain words, normal people understand what they say.  But the very deliberate people who sit on our courts cannot read those words and understand them.  They are deliberately mad.

For anyone of average intelligence and understanding "interstate commerce" is distinguished from "intrastate commerce".  This distinction was a great big "wull, duh" that you will see for about 150 years in American Commerce Clause jurisprudence.  Commerce "among the states" (INTERstate commerce) was the kind of commerce the Constitution permitted Congress to regulate.

There were excellent reasons for that EXPRESS reservation, and for the power being granted to Congress in the first place.  Consider who was meeting at the Constitutional Congress, and what experience had brought them there.

These were REPRESENTATIVES from sovereign  They were meeting to CONSIDER a replacement for the Articles Of Confederation, which had kind of been a flop.  The CONSTITUTION they were playing around with was an EXPERIMENT...another turn at the governmental bat, and they did not...some of them...even believe it would work out.  Their first royalty was to their individual state.

One of the BIG failures of the Articles Of Confederation was in the area of commerce between these mini-nations.  It had been quite ugly, actually.  The states put tariffs on stuff moving through them to other states, there was huge disparity between a state citizen and an "alien" from another state in the courts, and there was even some barrier to travel between the states, not the least of which was just having roads.  I could go on at length, but clearly, this would not do.

So, INTERstate commerce was a VERY BIG reason there was a Constitutional Convention.  But, remember who was there...representatives from mini-nations...who were TRYING a new EXPERIMENT.  These people were not about to give away the farm to the untried experiment.  HELL NO!  They were very jealous of their own mini-nation's rights.  There was no need...and certainly no intent by the Founders...for the newly formed Congress to have power to regulate INTRAstate commerce.  That belonged to the individual states, and they WANTED it that way.  That is why they WROTE it that way.

Somehow...and we'll discuss that in a future post...this idea of making commerce possible and productive and fair when conducted between the states has been perverted.  It has been perverted now to the point where a judge can deliberate a question under this simple clause, and come up with shear madness.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CRASH: Is Cain Able?

I like Herman Cain.  As a man, Mr. Cain is an extremely impressive individual, with an absolutely stellar "life story".  The question of the hour is, "What kind of presidential candidate would he be?".

In the recent past, we were sold Sonya Sotomayor as SCOTUS nominee on the strength of her "life story"...or what used to be called her "biography".  It was supposed to be impressive, because her intellect and her work as a jurist certainly were not.

So, in the world where "life stories" are important, Herman Cain's biography is a literal Horatio Alger story (hey, it's been recognized by the Horatio Alger Society!).  Mr. Cain, at 65, is everything that Barack Hussain Obama is not and never will be, including a man of solild accomplishment, applied intellect, and an American value system predicated on hard work and faith in God.

Unlike Obama, Cain was raised in a strong two parent home.  Unlike Obama, Mr. Cain understands and likes capitalism.  Unlike Obama, Cain was taught and understands the value of work.

As recent days show, he is not afraid to get down in the hustings of American political controversy, either.

He has been a frequent guest host on both Neil Boortz's and Rush Limbaugh's radio programs.  He speaks with what seems a remarkably authentic voice...meaning that (unlike Obama or Hilliary Clinton) whatever audience he is addressing, you hear the same tone, cadence, and vocabulary.  With Herman Cain, you get a consistent product, as he might put it in branding terms.

The Boortz connection is perhaps a telling one; Boortz self-identifies as a Libertarian/Conservative.  But the Cain/Boortz relationship may be built more on their shared Atlanta roots than any identity they share politically.  Both men have an apparent love of Atlanta, where Cain was raised (it is hard to avoid puns).

Can a black American conservative have a prayer of getting even fair treatment by the MSM?  That is an open question.

Can Herman Cain become the "brand" that every presidential candidate must, successfully making himself a household name?  Mr. Cain knows how that is done in the business world.  Are politics and business enough alike?

What, if anything, would opposition research performed by some of the nastiest people ever to slither in the political grass turn up to hurt Mr. Cain?  He could be assured that he would be Palinized by the Collective.

There is no doubt that Herman Cain is interested in running to be President.  Could he do that successfully?  There are too many unknowns at this time to know that answer, but I personally could happily vote for the man, based on what I know of him today.  Cain could be able.

Monday, February 21, 2011

BURN: Wisconsin's Quiet Riot

The democratic process in Wisconsin has been halted by what is aptly called a "quiet riot".  Just like its noisier cousin, this is a lawless suspension of the civil order.

For days now, the schools in many parts of Wisconsin had been closed.  They are closed because so many of their staff have called in to lie about being "sick".  Those same people have been outside for days, or cramming the capital halls, to protest the results of democracy, and to prevent it from happening.  In the process, they commit fraud and essentially steal their salaries.

Apparently, many of these people and their fellows have made explicit threats against elected officials and their staff.  This was so serious that the operation of the legislature was suspended late last week.

The "Flee party" of fourteen thug senators are still a large...somewhere OTHER than where their elected duty mandates, insisting that the rule of law be suspended so their "demands" can be negotiated, exactly like kidnappers would do.  They, too, appear to be violating the Wisconsin criminal law.

What is also apparent is that Mr. Community Organizer, Obama, and his minions in Washington, D.C. are behind this lawlessness...not just in spirit, but in real ways pushing it forward.  So far, the lawlessness they are pushing has not resulted in injury.  So far...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

CRASH: The Presidential Outlaw In Wisconsin

Let's just call what we have been seeing in Wisconsin what it is; this is outlaw behavior.  The state government in several important ways has been shut down.  The lives and safety of people have been threatened.  People have openly defied the law, and they are being directed from the White House.  The President of the United States is complicit in illegally shutting down the democratic operation of a sovereign state.

If this is not an impeachable offense, why not?

Don't take this as a call for impeachment.  That is a whole different can of worms, with way too many tactical and strategic angles to consider here.  I only want all seriousness...consider the conduct of The Mad King Barack in light of his exposure to the law.  Has he committed impeachable offenses?

Here is what we do know--

1. It is broadly reported...and not denied...that the action in Wisconsin is being orchestrated out of the White House and by the Deemocrat party.

2. It is a violation of law for the 14 Wisconsin senators (the Flee Party, as some call them) to absent themselves for the express purpose of preventing legal, democratic processes.

3. The business of the Wisconsin legislature at large had to be shut down over real concerns for the safety of members and staff.

4. Teachers (along with others) have called in sick for days, shutting down entire school districts.  This is fraud.

5. Doctors have provided pretty much anyone who asked signed "excuses" for missing work.  This is fraud and medical malpractice in support of a crime.

6. The only public word from Mr. Obama on this has been a statement that was calculated to distort the facts and inflame the situation.

I wrote a book about two decades ago where I predicted "entitlement riots".  It seemed like almost a joke at the time...something too preposterous to ever really happen.  But, of course, they have Greece and other places, and now here.  Because, while these have been low-key riots...perhaps kept that way by their organizers...they are riots nonetheless.  They are calculated to do what riots do; trade civil order for anarchy.

Barack Hussain Obama has, with remarkable openness, apparently worked to subvert the democratic process in Wisconsin.  He has violated his oath of office.  Those seem to be simple truths.  What we do with them is another...much larger...set of questions.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BURN: Planned Child Abuse and Infanticide


On the heels of the Kermit "the butcher" Gosnell, this is making my skin crawl.  It doesn't get any clearer:

Sex trafficking of minors is a federal crime and punishable by imprisonment from 10 years to life.
18 U.S. Code 1591

Any person who aids, abets, or counsels a federal crime to be committed may be punished as if they had committed the crime themselves.
18 U.S. Code 2

I cannot begin to express the level of disgust and anger I have for these sub-human / sub pond scum life forms. Using my tax dollars to facilitate abuse of children as sex slaves - then killing their children? How can we call this a civilized society? We're more worried about whales, polar bears and trees than these kids?? There is perhaps some hope for sanity:

Please call, write, fax and email your congressman and Senator. Repeatedly. Public funds for Planned Child Prostitution and Infanticide must end. Yesterday. Please do something.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

BURN: My New Favorite Fast Food Places

The Collective has put CROSSHAIRS on the good folks at Chick-fil-A and Chipotle.  I plan to make it a point to eat at each more, and encourage others to do likewise.

It is no revelation that the Collective HATES fast food places...just for being fast food places.  They have outlawed them in certain parts of Kulhifornia cities...places where the consuming public are known to WANT them.  "Pro-choice", my little pink butt.

But Chipotle has been targeted for special treatment by the shock-troops of the Collective, SEIU.  Why?  Because they fired a passel of illegal aliens who were caught working at Chipotle shops--
"We are here today with a simple message for Chipotle: You cannot sell Mexican food and then sell out Mexican workers," said Grant Stevensen, Pastor of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in St. Paul. "After years of service, Chipotle has failed to treat these workers with any sense of integrity - in most cases even breaking Minnesota employment statutes by failing to pay back wages."

"I worked at Chipotle for over nine years and always treated my job as if I owned the restaurant, wanting to do my best for my managers and for my customers," explained Juanita Cruz, a Chipotle employee fired in December. "But getting fired so abruptly was a disrespect to my nine years of service.
The layoffs at Chipotle followed a statewide I9 audit by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) - however, rather than giving workers the standard 90 days to clear up any problems with their documents, Chipotle fired them on the spot.
So, Chipotle CONFORMED to the law, and THAT is what the bitch is!
"We are here to remind Chipotle, and every other company that reaps enormous profits from an immigrant workforce, that they are on watch. Immigrant families and their allies will not stand by while corporations continue to exploit to benefit from a broken immigration system." said Greg Nammacher, Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU Local 26 in Minneapolis. 
 Now, that is chock full of stupid lies, first of all.  There is no allegation that anybody was paid less than minimum wage.  The workers were happy as clams...til they were asked for documents they don't have and fired when they could not produce them.  "An immigrant workforce" is a rather racist thing to say.  If those folk had been born in Texas, would the SEIU puke call them immigrants?  But you see where this is headed, right?  Open-borders policy driven by SEIU thugs.

The Chick-fil-A controversy stems from the general Christian belief-system of the parent company and most franchisees.  One Pennsylvania franchise hired a family support outfit to put on a seminar.  The family support outfit opposes same sex marriage.  So, Chick-fil-A in general is now the target of a hate campaign by the Collective.

Which makes these fast-food outfits my new "go-to" guys.  Prior to this writing, I had never been in a Chipotle shop, but I will be going soon.  Chick-fil-A dittos.  I hope you will join me, and say why you are there.