Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CRASH: Is Cain Able?

I like Herman Cain.  As a man, Mr. Cain is an extremely impressive individual, with an absolutely stellar "life story".  The question of the hour is, "What kind of presidential candidate would he be?".

In the recent past, we were sold Sonya Sotomayor as SCOTUS nominee on the strength of her "life story"...or what used to be called her "biography".  It was supposed to be impressive, because her intellect and her work as a jurist certainly were not.

So, in the world where "life stories" are important, Herman Cain's biography is a literal Horatio Alger story (hey, it's been recognized by the Horatio Alger Society!).  Mr. Cain, at 65, is everything that Barack Hussain Obama is not and never will be, including a man of solild accomplishment, applied intellect, and an American value system predicated on hard work and faith in God.

Unlike Obama, Cain was raised in a strong two parent home.  Unlike Obama, Mr. Cain understands and likes capitalism.  Unlike Obama, Cain was taught and understands the value of work.

As recent days show, he is not afraid to get down in the hustings of American political controversy, either.

He has been a frequent guest host on both Neil Boortz's and Rush Limbaugh's radio programs.  He speaks with what seems a remarkably authentic voice...meaning that (unlike Obama or Hilliary Clinton) whatever audience he is addressing, you hear the same tone, cadence, and vocabulary.  With Herman Cain, you get a consistent product, as he might put it in branding terms.

The Boortz connection is perhaps a telling one; Boortz self-identifies as a Libertarian/Conservative.  But the Cain/Boortz relationship may be built more on their shared Atlanta roots than any identity they share politically.  Both men have an apparent love of Atlanta, where Cain was raised (it is hard to avoid puns).

Can a black American conservative have a prayer of getting even fair treatment by the MSM?  That is an open question.

Can Herman Cain become the "brand" that every presidential candidate must, successfully making himself a household name?  Mr. Cain knows how that is done in the business world.  Are politics and business enough alike?

What, if anything, would opposition research performed by some of the nastiest people ever to slither in the political grass turn up to hurt Mr. Cain?  He could be assured that he would be Palinized by the Collective.

There is no doubt that Herman Cain is interested in running to be President.  Could he do that successfully?  There are too many unknowns at this time to know that answer, but I personally could happily vote for the man, based on what I know of him today.  Cain could be able.

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  1. I agree completely with your assessment, and would vote for him in a second. What an irony that would be: a conservative black man as President. He is a man of integrity, conviction, and accomplishment. The lamestream media seems to be doing its best to ignore the fact that he exists when covering so-called Republican frontrunners for the nomination. I'm doing my best on marfdrat to get the word out.