Sunday, February 20, 2011

CRASH: The Presidential Outlaw In Wisconsin

Let's just call what we have been seeing in Wisconsin what it is; this is outlaw behavior.  The state government in several important ways has been shut down.  The lives and safety of people have been threatened.  People have openly defied the law, and they are being directed from the White House.  The President of the United States is complicit in illegally shutting down the democratic operation of a sovereign state.

If this is not an impeachable offense, why not?

Don't take this as a call for impeachment.  That is a whole different can of worms, with way too many tactical and strategic angles to consider here.  I only want all seriousness...consider the conduct of The Mad King Barack in light of his exposure to the law.  Has he committed impeachable offenses?

Here is what we do know--

1. It is broadly reported...and not denied...that the action in Wisconsin is being orchestrated out of the White House and by the Deemocrat party.

2. It is a violation of law for the 14 Wisconsin senators (the Flee Party, as some call them) to absent themselves for the express purpose of preventing legal, democratic processes.

3. The business of the Wisconsin legislature at large had to be shut down over real concerns for the safety of members and staff.

4. Teachers (along with others) have called in sick for days, shutting down entire school districts.  This is fraud.

5. Doctors have provided pretty much anyone who asked signed "excuses" for missing work.  This is fraud and medical malpractice in support of a crime.

6. The only public word from Mr. Obama on this has been a statement that was calculated to distort the facts and inflame the situation.

I wrote a book about two decades ago where I predicted "entitlement riots".  It seemed like almost a joke at the time...something too preposterous to ever really happen.  But, of course, they have Greece and other places, and now here.  Because, while these have been low-key riots...perhaps kept that way by their organizers...they are riots nonetheless.  They are calculated to do what riots do; trade civil order for anarchy.

Barack Hussain Obama has, with remarkable openness, apparently worked to subvert the democratic process in Wisconsin.  He has violated his oath of office.  Those seem to be simple truths.  What we do with them is another...much larger...set of questions.


  1. Revolting, yet inspiring. I think the tide is turning against these traitors. It's going to be obvious to everyone where our Clown in Chief stands and how he operates. One and done.

    And in the meanwhile, I think he's doing way more than he realizes to propel conservatives to overwhelming victory in '12.

    Keep it up, Barry. You're running yourself and your socialist buddies down the buffalo squeeze, and there's a whole lot of angry citizens who are going to hand you yours once you get to the closed-off end.

  2. Borf, can you even IMAGINE Mr. Bush doing something like this?

    And where are the new media on this?!?!? This is IMMENSE!!!!

  3. "The only public word from Mr. Obama on this has been a statement that was calculated to distort the facts and inflame the situation."

    I can remember way back a few weeks ago when 'an assault on the unions' would have been considered 'violent rhetoric'. Oh wait, that's just if a conservative said it.

    Never mind.

  4. Now, John...let's keep this civil...