Monday, February 21, 2011

BURN: Wisconsin's Quiet Riot

The democratic process in Wisconsin has been halted by what is aptly called a "quiet riot".  Just like its noisier cousin, this is a lawless suspension of the civil order.

For days now, the schools in many parts of Wisconsin had been closed.  They are closed because so many of their staff have called in to lie about being "sick".  Those same people have been outside for days, or cramming the capital halls, to protest the results of democracy, and to prevent it from happening.  In the process, they commit fraud and essentially steal their salaries.

Apparently, many of these people and their fellows have made explicit threats against elected officials and their staff.  This was so serious that the operation of the legislature was suspended late last week.

The "Flee party" of fourteen thug senators are still a large...somewhere OTHER than where their elected duty mandates, insisting that the rule of law be suspended so their "demands" can be negotiated, exactly like kidnappers would do.  They, too, appear to be violating the Wisconsin criminal law.

What is also apparent is that Mr. Community Organizer, Obama, and his minions in Washington, D.C. are behind this lawlessness...not just in spirit, but in real ways pushing it forward.  So far, the lawlessness they are pushing has not resulted in injury.  So far...

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