Monday, May 3, 2010

BURN: Frank Rich Doesn't Give A Fig About Immigration

Frank Rich hasn't written much of anything about the invasion of our southern borders.  That's because he doesn't give a fig about the issues involved, except as a means to attack the TEA Party.

The problem hardly touches Rich, the limp-wristed drama critic economic expert political maven professional TEA Party hater-in-residence at the NYT.  He lives in cloister of privilege, plenty, and self-ascribed purity.  Do a simple search for anything he's written on the subject.  You won't find anything that isn't a spring-board for an attack on somebody else.

He doesn't even bother to try to bring anything original to his nonsense on Arizona's new law, preferring to chant the same hyperbolic BS that has been said ad nauseum by others...and better.

Rich's big contribution is to tie what he considers Arizona nativism with Birther nonsense, always with his trademark smear of other people as RAAAACISTSNever mind the fact that MOST Hispanic Arizonans support the new law...which has yet to be implemented

See, in Rich's rarefied world, everything that isn't in keeping with his collectivist dogma is a reaction to the fact that Obama was a majority of the same people he's attacking as knee-jerk racists.

As a caller to Rush Limbaugh's show pointed out last week, several DEEMOCRAT congress-critters DEMANDED proof of residency...PAPERS...before they would allow constituents into town-hall meetings only months ago.  Rich never wrote a word about that...unless it was to call the citizens outraged by Obamacare, TARP, and other outrages names.

As an agnostic on the location of Obama's birth (a position I share with the vast majority of fellow TEA Party people), I find it passing strange that Rich isn't more perturbed by the president's paper-trail paucity.  I certainly am wondering about how it is we came to have a president we know less about than I know about my own senators.  Nobody I know is a Birther.  It's a non-issue, though Obama's deeply pathological up-bringing and formative relationships certainly are.

Here's the sad truth about Rich; if Thomas Sowell were running for President, every conservative I know would break a leg to get to our polling places to support him.  Rich would be opposed.  I have no doubt he would suggest that Sowell was not really black.  Who's a racist, Rich?

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