Sunday, May 30, 2010

THE HUMANITY: A Day To Remember

We, as a nation, set aside one day a year to remember...maybe particularly remember...those who have fallen in battles to vindicate American values and existence.

It is well that we do, of course.  It would be far better if we gave a thought to the immense price paid for what we daily enjoy...and lived our lives so as to honor what has been laid down for us.


  1. God created humans with a survival instinct that comes in quite handy most of the time. Even an evolutionist acknowledges this instinct. What, then, would drive a person to move toward deadly danger rather that fleeing it. Courage comes when someone embraces a cause higher than themselves - defence and protection of family, friends, freedom, nation...

    This is where our CinC doesn't get it. If you are enamored with yourself, your quest will be self preservation and aggrandizement. Community organizing is a nice thing I suppose, but I don't ever recall a community organizer laying down their life for the cause.

    God bless the families of the fallen, and those presently in harm's way.

  2. Amen.

    Doc Zero has a great piece today. I recommend it to all.