Friday, May 7, 2010

CRASH: A Brief Round-up

The Wall St. Firm Of Shuck & Jive (h/t redstate)--

When asked a couple of really simple questions by Sen. Tom Coburn, Goldman Sachs' Chairman goes into full-tilt shuffle!

In Oil Spill News: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE...!!!! (h/t daily beast)--

Oil Leak Threatens Human Health

"Oil from the Deepwater Horizon has officially hit U.S. shores, and Feds are preparing to contend with a range of human health risks the slick may pose. Fallout from the spill could affect humans in any number of ways, causing headaches or runny noses or even increased risk of cancer from contaminated seafood. Said Dr. Jimmy Guidry, Louisiana's state health director: "We don't know how long this spill will last or how much oil we'll be dealing with, so there's a lot of unknowns… But we're going to make things as safe as humanly possible." Some Louisiana residents are already complaining of a foul odor hanging in the air."

Having worked in the oil field, most crude oil does not smell bad.  It smells kind of good, in fact.  If you've ever driven in many parts of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, or California, you've smelled crude oil.

Having lived in Louisiana, the foul odor reported by "some residents" is their state.  Not to be harsh.  Just saying...

Having been a child in the fifties, I remember when parents used to use kerosene and diesel for (a LOT of) medicinal and first-aid purposes.  So maybe we won't all die.

In Immigration News: "Pound Sand, Chucky", Gov. Brewer--

Sen. "Chuck-you" Schumer, in a transparent and cynical ploy to keep "comprehensive" immigration reform (amnesty) alive, asked Gov. Brewer to delay implementation of the new Arizona code.  Such a move by Brewer would have resulted in political pressure (i.e., a "crisis") that would provide at least some momentum to a dead-in-the-water push by Deemocrats and Obami for amnesty.

Greatly to her credit, Brewer (who has been demonized 24/7 by the collective as "Hitler's Daughter", among other names), declined to play the chump for Chucky.

Race-baiter In Chief Keeps The Divide Wide Open--

In "special" Cinco de Quatro remarks yesterday, THE ONE (Post-Racial Healer Deluxe) was again in full race-baiting mode as he again criticized Arizona for passing an effective self-preservation measure in the face of Federal diddling on immigration.

Obama acknowledged that "immigration is broken", and continued, "But the answer isn't to undermine fundamental principles that define us as a nation. We can't start singling out people because of who they look like, or how they talk, or how they dress. We can't turn law-abiding American citizens --- and law-abiding immigrants --- into subjects of suspicion and abuse."

Which, of course, nobody proposed to do.  Obama brought his Straw Man, again.  Obama's resort to the "fundamental principles" meme is telling.  He uses it frequently, often when trying to sell us on the idea that national suicide is one of our "fundamental principles".  But he never elaborates, preferring to wave vaguely in the direction of "fundamental principles"...whatever the hell they are...

Nobody is proposing to "single out" people "because of who they look like, how they talk, or how they dress" (!?!?!).  Well, maybe how they speak...sheesh...

And NOBODY is turning on law-abiding citizens or legal (THE ONLY LAW-ABIDING KIND) immigrants.  We CAN AND BETTER start controlling our borders and who comes into our nation...that is, if we want to be a nation.

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