Thursday, May 20, 2010

BURN: Welcome To The Bigs, Mr. Paul

I can't image what Rand Paul was thinking when he accepted the spiders' invitation to their webs.  NPR and Rachel Madcow's lair are not places ANY conservative/libertarian with a brain and senate ambitions should CONSIDER going.

Paul adroitly shot himself in the foot in both hostile venues.  This was simply a stupid, unforced error.  And for what, exactly?  What's the up-side of even giving Madcow the time of day?

Even in a more neutral setting, a CANDIDATE for the U.S. Senate HAS to have brains enough not to blunder into an area where a blogger or academic might...and arguably SHOULD...go. 

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a shining moment for REPUBLICANS...who broke the back of the racist Dixiecrats led by the likes of OwlGore's daddy.  It was a shining moment in America's striving for a more equitable nation.  AS WRITTEN, it was a fine law...which we can say with perfect justification has been grossly perverted over time.

But a SENATORIAL CANDIDATE on a national stage, KNOWING that the MSM will outright lie about your positions, HAS GOT to be smarter, cannier, and better prepared than to dither into territory that can ONLY damage them.

We might deplore that our politics is what it is.  But ESPECIALLY people who oppose the delusions of the collective HAVE to know how to play the game in the big know reality and deal with it intelligently and creatively.  Paul better pull up his socks.


  1. On your mark


    GO!!! Face plant. Not a good omen for the little feller.

  2. He isn't stupid, and he can learn. He'd damn well better.

    There is a down-side to turning out least one. But a good adviser would NEVER have allowed him NEAR NPR and Madcow!

  3. McCain's handlers thought going on Ellen to talk about Gay Marriage was a good idea too. One assumes they are political advisors because they could never succeed in politics themselves - so what good is their advice?

  4. Some advisors are that because they are bald, short, have an odd voice, or have facial hair, and they couldn't get elected for one or more of those superficial reasons.

    Some, like in all fields, are nincompoops....