Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Every time I read a headline, or hear a story from the MSM on our latest terrorist attack, I hear about "the failed bomber", blah, blah, blah.  That's a lie.  As bombers go, you don't get more successful than the Times Square bomber.

The same is true of his fellow bomber; the Fruit Of Kaboom bomber who tried to bring down a pretty-much fully loaded passenger jet over a populous American city during Christmas.  The a bomber...was TOTALLY successful.

Consider; in both cases--
  1. the bomber was able to get a bomb to his intended target, and
  2. in the time and place of his choosing, was able to initiate the bomb
As a bomber, that is absolute success.  Now, as a bomb-maker, the Uni-brow bomber may have sucked...  But as a bomber, he did what he needed to do to kill scores of Americans, and beat any attempt to keep him from acting.  The same is true for the Fruit Of Kaboom bomber; total, complete success on his end...bad ordinance from his supplier.

So, let's be real here, America.  There have been two highly successful attempts to bomb very high-density targets on American soil.  The bombs were duds, and THAT is the only thing that prevented massive loss of life, and immense disruption in our happy little psyche.  It wasn't anything Nappy Jan Napolitano did, or Barack Hussain Obama.  They didn't prevent diddly.  Nobody did.

Being fat, dumb, and lucky is not PREVENTION.  In bomber-world, getting to your target and initiating your bomb is not FAILURE.

Time the other day had a piece with a great head-line, and really stupid content: "What If The Bomb Had Worked".  They gave us a scant paragraph on the really good question, and then descended into drivel.  Drivel like, "Combating terrorism demands the highest skills of law-enforcement agencies, and in the case of the Times Square bomber, those agencies did their job".  With the greatest possible respect to our law-enforcers, NO.  THEY.  DID.  NOT. 

Or, perhaps we need to define jobs better.  In reality, law enforcement types generally are not there to "Protect and to serve" so much as to "Avenge and to clean up".  That should be on the squad cars, because they CAN'T protect you, much as they might want to.  The "protect" part really belongs to the national security guys (non-gender), and they're the ones who Obama has been neutering since BEFORE he was inaugurated.

The only thing true about what Time said is that, AFTER the very SUCCESSFUL bombing, the law enforcement types did a good (not great) job of getting the bomber, and a great job of clearing the danger away.   "To Avenge and to clean up"...

We have been hit...twice...with SUCCESSFUL bomb attempts that nobody prevented.  There is your bottom line.  That is reality.  We had better start dealing with reality, for we know it BITES.


  1. Good points indeed rags. Our Janet Napolitico and her minions and friends have kept us safe during the last 6 months by sheer dumb luck.

    The old adage says that policies will only change over dead bodies. While I pray this is not the case, I fear it is.

  2. Fear is the word as I have watch the Obami fiddle about, not content with mere incompetence but hell-bent on actual affirmative damage.

    Thanks, BTW for your reading. Come on by anytime, and bring your friends and neighbors!!!