Saturday, May 15, 2010

BURN: Kagan; Too Smart For Men Or Ditsy Broad?

There are two conflicting images of Elana Kagan out least two.  One has her being a single woman who is too smart to be attractive to men (!?!?!), and the other has her being such a disconnected ditz that she leaves her car running all night in the parking lot.

Kagan is no dummy, in terms of her native intelligence.  On the other hand, neither is Barack Hussain Obama.  But both give new meaning to the term "disconnected" with respect to the real world the rest of us occupy.

According to Ruth Marcus, Kagan is single because she is just too smart to be attractive to men.  While this may have some coinage with a certain arrogant cadre of old maids...REALLY????  Apart from the population of very smart men who are looking for very smart women, there is a population of intelligent men who do not find smarter women the least daunting.  Could there be something else at play with Kagan?  Far from me to speculate.

On the other hand, we have the unchallenged account of how Kagan can be so focused on "stuff" that she drives her car to work and leaves it running all night as she plies the world of abstruse legal gnat hair...typically liberal legal gnat hair, to boot.  Dare I say that seems to qualify her as a charter member of the Ditsy Broad Club?  Why, yes, I do dare.

Then we have Obama crooning about how Kagan knows the trouble I've seen, since she's so in touch with "ordinary" people.  PUL-EEEZE...!!!  THE ONE, the single most out of touch guy in America, telling us his mini-me is Miss Ordinary is too much!


  1. Having eliminated door number one and door number two, dare we consider door number 3?

    Ah yes. The old closet door.

  2. I dunno, Swede. I've known people who were asexual...just not there in that department.

    Are there Jewish nuns...?