Sunday, May 9, 2010

BURN: Racial Suicide Madness

We have all heard the argument before; we have heard it from Barack Hussain Obama, we have heard it from Steve Murphy, and we've heard it from Millionaire Mau-mau Maven Al Sharpton.

h/t Hot Air
Essentially, it boils down to this--

Arizona can't enforce its new laws on illegal immigration, because to do so would require racial profiling.

Arizona's act to protect its citizens...AND illegal aliens...from an immigration and border control crisis some unspecified and mysterious way...America's "fundamental beliefs".

This, of course, means that the United States cannot stop illegal immigration, because that, too, would entail racial profiling.

This is simply madness.  It is simply racism at its core.  And it is a suicide pact the collective is asking Americans to adopt.

Try to comprehend the irrationality of their position: there is a flood of illegal aliens coming across our southern border; they tend to be Hispanic; we cannot investigate the immigration status of people in border states, because they would tend to be Hispanic (we collectivists stupidly call people "Hispanic" and insist that is a "race"); for, by disproportionately investigating the immigration status of people who tend to be the people who are coming here illegally, we would be doing something grossly un-American.

At is core, the collective's argument is racist.  To begin with, Mexicans are not remotely all brown-skinned "Hispanics".  There is a sizable population of European...including Irish...and other folks in Mexico, and they've been there for over a century.  I've known a red-haired, blue-eyed kid from Mexico City with an Irish last name.  But it is also racist in that it insists we can always sort people into racial groups, which has been the collective's stock-in-trade since about the 1960s.  Prior to that, the collective was happily practicing racial politics in the reverse of its position since.  (See Wilson, Woodrow)

Were we to adopt this racially-based idiocy, we would be saying that we cannot control entry into our own nation.  That would, perforce, entail "profiling".  That's just crazy.

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