Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BURN: Hey, Eugene...Get A Clue!

Eugene Robinson writes that Arizona is hyperventilating over nothing, passing "outrageous law" over nuttin....NUTTIN.

Border security isn't the problem 

Eugene snorts derisively: Fact-based analysis is increasingly out of fashion, however, and so the border-first hallucination has become popular among politicians and pundits reacting to Arizona's new "breathing while Latino" law.

So, Gene wants some "fact-based analysis", hey...?  How about we start with his own, fact-based assertions:

"In Nogales, the busiest Arizona crossing, there is already a big, impassable fence; the place is crawling with Border Patrol agents and other police. Most of those who cross illegally do so in remote areas, where they have to walk for many miles across scorched, unforgiving desert.

"Undocumented migrants already find ways to overcome daunting and potentially deadly obstacles, and it would take a lot more than rhetoric to make the border truly "secure."

"An attempt to design a high-tech "virtual" fence using sensors and cameras has not gone well. The equipment has not been able to discern people from wildlife. And even if there were a system that could alert authorities whenever an illegal immigrant had stepped onto U.S. soil, how would authorities find him or her in the vast wilderness?" 

Golly, Eugene...those are real posers, that's for sure....

Let's list those out:
  1. impassable fence 
  2. the place is crawling with ICE and police types
  3. the poor illegals have to cross in remote areas
  4. the poor illegals have to walk for "many" miles across a scorched, unforgiving desert
  5. the high-tech sensors can't discern people from wild-life  

Boy, that sure seems like an unassailable set of "fact-based analysis", don't it?
h/t Dan Riehl

Watch, Gene, as the low-tech private citizen fisks your BS "facts" all to pieces.  Anybody who reads Eugene Robinson after this is doing it for comic relief.

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