Friday, May 28, 2010

BURN: Obama to U.S. on Sestak--"Just swallow, Honey..."

Yeah, Obama is telling America to just swallow a load on the Sestak scandal.  He's brought in an expert on the concept, convicted perjurer and national disgrace Bill Clinton.  Next, we'll be told we might want to "put some ice on that...".  Obama isn't even offering us a cigarette.

Hot Air gives us a pretty good over-view.  Michelle Malkin brushes in more detail.

The whole deal is beyond incredible.  For you to swallow the load, you have to accept the notion that--

1. Sestak was being offered a "job" that nobody would apply that term unpaid position on some board or other.  He's a Congressman, for Pete's sake...he already sits on THREE worthless  unpaid boards (House Armed Services Committee, House Education and Labor Committee, and House Small Business Committee), while getting paid as a Congress-critter.

2. Obama/Rahm/Clinton thought that this worthless dangle would be shiny enough to get a guy out of a senatorial race.

3. The Obami thought this putative innocuous offer was something they had to stonewall for months.

4. They would use Bill Clinton as their water-boy to convey the "offer".

5. All the back-and-forth with Sestak, Clinton, Sestak's brother, and WH counsel Bauer over the last 48 hours means NOTHING.

I'm not going along with Obama's offer.  I hope and pray that conservative members of Congress are not going to swallow, either, and that they keep the pressure on.


  1. Sestak Feb 19:

    "Rep. Joe Sestak (D., Pa.) said yesterday that the White House offered him a federal job in an effort to dissuade him from challenging Sen. Arlen Specter in the state's Democratic primary."

    "He [Clinton] said that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had spoken with him about my being on a Presidential Board while remaining in the House of Representatives."

    "I answered honestly" he said about 50 times. These are two mutually exclusive statements. If one is true, the other is not. As you said rags, no one would refer to unpaid service on a board as a "job". I serve voluntarily on the boards of two 501c3 organizations. Calling it a "job" just sounds bizarre.

    God, I love this one. There is just no way Rahmbo squeezes out of this one without losing some skin, if not the whole carcas. Emanuel under the bus??!? Tooooooo sweet.

    BTW rags - That pic of Barry with the cig is fake. It's a photo shop. I know it's a shame, but I know you want to be fair and accurate.

    Check Lauren at barakryphal: BTW, this is a great site to undo the birthers, if you're interested.

  2. "BTW rags - That pic of Barry with the cig is fake. It's a photo shop. I know it's a shame, but I know you want to be fair and accurate."

    Here, I adopt the Dan Rather paradigm...yes, it's fake, but it is accurate. I know that in the great Memory Bank In The Sky (what was it they called that in Serenity?), there is an image just like that one.

    More seriously, this is an apparent "lateral", meaning they could not directly deny Sestak because he had proof, so they fashioned a crawfish (sideways) response.

  3. And Sestak is playing ball, and it's going to kill him. IMHO he is caving to the WH, changing his story to fit their narrative and quite clearly contradicting himself.

    Firstly - In my humble experience anyone who incessantly repeats "I answered honestly - I am forthright - I am being honest" more than, say, 10 times, is probably not.

    The question being is he lying today, or previously. Stick a fork in the boy, he's done. Welcome Senator Toomey.

  4. "Here, I adopt the Dan Rather paradigm"

    OK rags, I'll cover for ya. That picture was given to me by a guy who got it from a guy who got it from an anonymous hispanic woman at a cattle show in houston. I should point out that no one has ever conclusively proven that that picture is not genuine. Four photo experts have verified that the picture is authentic. That is, it is definitely a picture. This we know to be true.

    We want to be truth tellers.

  5. I vote for today...and for a number of reasons.

    First, Sestak had no need to spill the beans originally.

    Second, he's been consistent...until now.

    Third, there is the Obamic stonewall.

    Forth, look at this story!!!! I mean, can you imagine a LESS credible alibi, sponsored by a LESS credible flak?

    Fifth, look at the atmospherics...calls back and forth, meetings with Obama and Clinton within the past 48 hours...

    Sixth, this could have been killed off MONTHS ago, if the story were true.

    Seventh, Sestak is on record. He is (as you pointed out) CONTRADICTING himself now.

  6. "That is, it is definitely a picture. This we know to be true."

    I never sponsored the picture in connection with Obama smoking. It is a GREAT graphic for the story, innit?

    Hell, I would use MORE photo-shopped images if I had them...

    Know any good sources...???

  7. Geez this thing is so sweet. Like I keep telling the birthers, why get all wee weed up? Just sit back and watch the guy self disintegrate. If Rahm is in the circle, Barry has to be too, no? The only question now is what the psedonym will be. Jobgate? Joegate? Gibbsgate?

    I expect you know about these guys.


    (Who actually bought a copyright on "Islamic Rage Boy")


    has some interesting analysis on photo fraud.