Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CRASH: Napolitano's Minions DECIDE Not To Bother With Phones

Nappy Jan's people DECIDED NOT TO PICK UP THE PHONE, calling New York area air carriers regarding Faisal Shahzad, WHO SUCCESSFULLY planted a bomb in Times Square...that SUCCESSFULLY initiated.

Just exactly WHY...???  According to the story, the FBI asked the TSA not to call the airlines...except for a few domestic lines.

I've read that the Feds wanted Shahzad on the plane, perhaps hoping he would contact others in a network once he thought he was in a secure place...maybe even other passengers on the same flight. 

Still, it sounds like a cluster-fark of the first water.  There is no way the FBI will confirm the notion they asked TSA not to call.  The TSA has made such calls in the past.

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