Thursday, May 27, 2010

CRASH: News From The Caliphate-On-Hudson

The Caliphate-On-Hudson (formerly New York City) is a model and a warning for America.  A combination of very bad ideas is working to destroy what was once a dynamo of American enterprise and pluralism.

Al-Qaeda in Manhattan.
 The al-Qaeda Intelligence Arm in Manhattan (aka The New York Times) continued its practice of providing vital information to our Jihadist enemies.  "Just another act of deadly treason" tells the story rather well.

"Build Our Mosques On Their Bones" 
I don't know if anyone ever said that, but they are doing it.  Nor do I object to the building of mosques.  I know of several in my near-by city.  I was one of the people immediately after 9/11 who was prepared to mount a watch to assure that no hot-heads committed any vandalism...or connection with those mosques.  It never was needed.  But I don't believe it is wise or appropriate to build a super-mosque/madrasah where it will hover over Ground Zero.

Times Square and other dhimmitude centers
Times Square...recently targeted by another disciple of "the religion of pieces", unimpeded by anything the Obami the home of Comedy Central's parent company.  Comedy Central, that bastion of courage when it comes to anti-Christian iconoclasm and attacks on anything traditional in American culture, folded like a cheap tent at the first instance of a threat over airing South Park's send-off on Mohamed.

But the Caliphate-on-Hudson is well populated with cultural warriors of the same ilk.  Major forces in the arts and letters have displayed the same firm resolve of the comedians central.  The academy is well represented within the caliphate's precincts, as well, and they have likewise folded...or worse.  Several of them harbor the curious amalgam of collectivist/jihadii groups we call "faculty" and "student bodies".

As it goes with New York, will it go with the rest of America?  Each of us must decide that.  How much will we take?  How will we resist?


  1. If I can make it there
    I'll need therapy and meds anywhere
    It'e up to you, New York,

    I'm definitely NOT in a New York state of mind.

  2. Heh...

    "Caliphate-on-Hudson" is a LOT harder to rhyme...

    Course, New York and New York are not really a rhyme, but it worked...

  3. After the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, we rounded up the Japanese and their decendants living on the West Coast.

    After 9/11, we urged restraint against harming mohammedans living in our communities.

    After the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, our political parties united against a common foe for the duration of the war.

    After 9/11, our political parties united for about six months before one of them conveniently forgot that they were for the war before they were against it.

    After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the news media cooperated with the government to protect our military forces, our secrets, and our way of life.

    After 9/11, the news media provided aid, comfort, and intelligence to the enemy.

    And people wonder why they call them "The Good Ol' Days."

    "Infidel." Dhimmitude is NOT an option!