Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CRASH: NappyJan--"The Worked..."

One of the most astoundingly inept (which is really frightening) of the Obami is Nappy Jan Napolitano, who declared "The system worked" after nothing about the system worked respecting the Christmas "Fruit-Of-Kaboom Bomber".

Well, she's at it again, this time assuring Americans and Arizonans that we are doing just peachy on our southern border.
“I say this again, as someone who has walked that border, ridden it, flown it and driven it,” she said. “I believe it is as secure as it ever has been.”

Really, Jan...?!?!?  How about leaving your security detail behind one evening, and hanging out around the border.  Oh, sure, bring your shotgun, if you want.

“If immigration comes up this year, it will be absolutely devastating to this issue” and future passage of a comprehensive bill, [Lindsey] Graham insisted. “Most Americans think we will have lost our minds if we move forward without securing our border first.”
Napolitano, a former Arizona governor, stood her ground at the hearing, continuing to press Congress to take up a reform bill.
The level of delusion...and political hackery...working in Homeland Security's highest echelons is just stupefying...and DANGEROUS!

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