Saturday, April 3, 2010

CRASH: A Word For The CEOs Waxman Seeks To Bully...

Don't show.  Show some spine and respect for the law, and refuse to be bullied by Thugly Waxman.

At this point, his letter "requested" CEOs from several major American corporations to drop what they were doing, and drag themselves to DC, there to dance to the jig Waxman and his fellow demagogues plan to play.  Oh yeah, and bring about twenty million pages of company records with you, too...

Apart from the waste of resources involved, this is an affront to any sane person's sense of fair play.  The companies in question HAD to do what they have done in taking...PUBLICLY...the charge-offs they have.  Thugly just is pissed that these people had the temerity do what the law DEMANDS, because it so beautifully contradicts the BS the Deemocrats and THE ONE have been shoveling for over a year.  They should not be intimidated by Waxman for doing what the law requires.

But Waxman's thuggish "request" can be...and really should be...ignored.  It has nothing behind it but naked power, which is not to say "legal authority".

If CEOs refuse to show as requested, Waxman might move to subpoena both the people and the documents he has "requested".  If he does that, he runs into legal the restrictions that limit Congressional subpoena powers.  That is a good thing.  That pins Waxman down, and makes him try to justify the use of the subpoena power, and it makes him limit his demands (they could not possibly be larger) to those that he thinks he might be able to support.  It gives both the minority members on his committee and the corporate lawyers something they can push back against, and it more publicly exposes the flagrant abuse of power by this poster-boy for Short Man's Disease.

So, follow that sage advice we have all heard often before, and "JUST SAY NO".

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